Saturday, May 05, 2012

Waiting Out the Rain

And Watching the Grass Grow

It's still wet outside, and it looks as if it's going to rain again any minute.

The Boys were even in their stalls this morning.  Guess they are tired of being wet.  I have some serious cleaning to do out there as a result. But I'll wait a little longer.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the grass grow in the front yard.  The back isn't so bad because with the fencing and gates across the driveway, I was able to put the Boys out there to graze and they did a pretty good mowing job.  But I can't let them out in the front, so the grass and dandelions just keep on growing.

I mowed just over a week ago and as I finished the belt slipped off the mower deck.  Then it started raining and I just haven't made the effort to get it back on.  I think I know the technique, but it is a bit of work. And it's still hard for me to get down low like that on my new knees. So, I've put it off.

Not that it matters. I think since then I've only had one or two spaces of time when it's been dry enough to mow.

Worse, the front bank has sprouted with a vengeance, which means I am going to have to week whack sooner than later so I can see oncoming traffic when I try to pull out of the driveway.

Ah well. Clearly, I need a yard worker, but since I can't afford one, I'm it. I'm still certainly capable of handling the work, I'm just too darn lazy to do it--especially in the wet. (Weed whacker has an electric that's not too safe in the wet either.)

So, I may need a hay baler soon.


  1. This weather is discouraging. Between the fog and the rain I don't think anyone feels like doing anything much.

    I find it impossible to kneel on my knee since the surgery. So that does mean finding different contorting sort of positions to get things done. Good luck fixing the belt. The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon, we'll see...

  2. the weather is ridiculous... we have heating on, in May!

  3. And here we are with 80 plus degree temps and no rain. It's a lot of work - all the horse care plus the yard work. Go out front with a scythe and cut away, turn to dry and voila, you have some extra local hay :-)

    I hope Patches is still happy and that Peppercorn and Misty want to be outdoor cats again.