Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vet Visit

And A Ride

Yesterday the vet came for the Spring routine. That meant vaccinations, sheath cleaning (I like the vet to do it at least once a year), teeth floating and a general look over.

This was Dr. McAndrews, one of the female vets from Colts Head Vet Clinic. The only reason I note that is because she loves to float teeth and I guess it really doesn't matter how big or small the horse is. She showed me a picture from her floating a mini the other day--she was being "helped" by the Trigger's  equally mini companion, Ginger. So cute.

And then there are my horses. Chance is "only" about 15.3 or so but Tucker is about 17 h. so it's quite a contrast. But that doesn't stop Dr. McAndrews.  We needed a little extra tranquilizer for Tucker as he has a chronic "hook" way back in his mouth and apparently has an ulcer there where the tooth cut his mouth, but for all and all the Boys behaved like champs.

I was particularly proud of Chance who has been a handful in the past. I asked him if he would help us by cooperating before we started, and sure enough, he did. The last time, despite the tranquilizer, he was not exactly an angel.  

We didn't do all the vaccines this trip, so I another two weeks or so, we'll have another visit to finish up. That's when we'll draw blood for the coggins tests.  I'm not sure I'll be shipping the horses anywhere, or competing, but it's always a good idea to have the paperwork if needed.  

Today, I rode Chance. I am pleased to report that he felt much sounder his hind leg. He was just a very little uneven on the left rein and I did not have to post on the wrong diagonal to help him along. We did quite a bit of trotting in the arena, a session of canter on each lead, and then I went out to the pasture for some hill work.  Because it's been raining for so many days, I didn't want to trot downhill in case of slipping, but uphill was fine. 

My brain considered riding Tucker too, but my body said to wait until next time. 

I think my horses are fitter than I am. 


  1. I don't know how cooperative I'd be without tranquilizers either. Our horses were floated last week. It's amazing that some of the bigger horses took much less than some of the smaller ones. Nate is 17.3 and he was took the least (cheap date). They got the last of their vaccinations Tuesday. Wish I could put them on my medical insurance!

    Very cute picture of the mini's. Glad you got a ride in too. The hill work should help. I'm not in shape yet either, maybe I should try running up and down a few hills;)

  2. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Glad all went well. Red hasn't had his teeth done this year, but shouldn't need much - the others are all set and Dawn's mouth seems to be all healed up from her partial tooth extractions. We're going slow on vaccinations due to the EPM experience, still a few to go.

  3. Those minis sure are cute! Helpful too, it appears.

    Glad Chance was good - it makes everything so much easier when they cooperate.

  4. we sedated monfils - but largely to assist in preserving my wrists and shoulders!