Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still Here

Not Much New To Report

I have taken the last few days to battle to weeds and mow the grass. But I fear it is all for naught.

The rains have returned in full force and I'd swear the grass was growing again overnight. Times like this I wish I had the funds to hire a yard service to do the work. But, alas, it's up to me if I don't want to wade through foliage up to my knees.

The Boys are doing fine and despite everything, so far, the new fly sheets are intact. Of course, all I have to do is say that out loud and one of them will overhear me and start the demolition

I think Peppercorn finally figured out how to get in and out of the back porch through the open window. That's a good thing because I have had to lock the door to keep Raccoon Raider from getting in to eat anything that's not nailed down.

I've also tied the feed bin shut in the barn to discourage the masked bandit out there. I told my friend Stacie the story and she started laughing because she'd gone through a similar raccoon invasion last year. We both agreed that trying to out smart a determined raccoon was not an easy task.

More rain today and perhaps some thunderstorms this afternoon.  It is definitely soggy.


  1. It's soggy here too. It's a good thing you did get the yard work done or it would be impossible to deal with after the rains.

    Raccoons are ver cute and destructive at the same time. I had to get tie downs for my garbage cans. Came home one night to see this big guy sitting in top of the can and rocking it to a pretty good beat. He wasn't leaving either, even after I shined the headlights on him. Guess he was happy for the light to help with hi unlatching the cover!

  2. I've already told my husband that if something ever happens to him I'm turning his precious lawn into pasture. No way am I keeping up with the mowing on that thing by myself!

    Hopefully this wet weather will end soon. Or maybe we'll all have ocean front property!

  3. Many nights when I go into the hay barn I surprise a raccoon helping itself to cat food. They are smart, determined and fierce when they need to be. I bet the cats run and hide when they sense one.

  4. at least we don't have those to worry about!