Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Patches Update

I Want to be Outdoors

Patches has now told both communicators he wants to be outdoors.  I can respect that.

Last night we discussed a compromise where he could go out during the day and come in where it is safe at night. We have coyote, fox, and raccoon on the prowl here and, of course tractor trailers and fast moving cars. I don't like the idea of outside kitties at all, but in this case I want happy kitties.

That leaves the two barn kitties, Misty and Peppercorn, who are still locked in the sun room. We hope to have consult with them at the end of the week, trying to strike some sort of deal so they don't attack Patches.

I don't know if anything will work out of this. Apparently Patches was quite attentive and considered the proposal. We tried to make being indoors with a safe place to sleep, a nice brushing, good food, play with the laser pointer, and flea control as attractive as possible.

Once again, it's just wait and see.


  1. Well if you can strike a deal where he comes in at night for safety's sake maybe that would be best for him.

    Hope all three can get along while they're outside.

  2. I prefer to have cats inside, too. But, cats are not really "inside" creatures. They are just not domesticated in the same way that dogs are, there is always a bit of lion in a cat.

    Good luck convincing Patches to stay in at night.

  3. My cats do both. I always have cats in and out of the house. Usually there are out in the late afternoon to up 10pm ... midnight and then we call them in, then at 4 am to 5am they attack our feet to be let out.
    Hence when the night is not cold anymore they spend the night OUTSIDE!!!!
    The rest of teh day ... they sleep, eat and pooh inisde because there is no privacy outside ... no comment!