Sunday, May 06, 2012

Boys Mow the Back

And I Mow the Front Lawn

I trimmed the front bank and around most of the trees with my electric weed whacker today.  While I was working, the farmer from two doors down dropped by to chat and I mentioned that I was waiting for my other neighbor to come over to see if he could get the belt back on my lawn mower.  My farmer offered to look at it for me.

Apparently, it's really just a matter of strength to get the belt slipped on again, because it took him just a few minutes to do it, putting me back in business with the mower.  I finished up the weed work and in short order had the lawn tractor up an running to mow the front lawn.

Now, apparently, I was sending mental messages to the Boys, because as soon as I was finished, Toby started nickering to me--something he is not prone to do.  So, I closed off the gates on the driveway and let all three Boys out on the back lawn area to graze.  They are not quite as neat about it as the lawn mower, but I must admit, they do a pretty good job with the bonus of trimming a lot of the longer grass that grows up around trees and the garage where I can't get at it with the mower anyhow. Essentially, they do my weed whacking out there for me.

While they grazed, I did another thorough barn mucking. Because of all the rain, some of the bedding in the stalls got wet--long story for another day--and the Boys had been hanging out under the run in roofs.  So everything needed extra cleaning with perhaps a dozen wheelbarrow loads or so.  Wet hay fills the barrow pretty quickly, explaining the expanded number of trips to the manure piles.

But, the work is done, and everything is pretty cleaned up for now.

Needless to say, I am exhausted. I may go out a bit later to lunge a horse or two, but I have had enough exercise for one day.

At least the sun is back out and the mud is drying up quickly.


  1. Don't you love going to bed without the slightest doubt that you will sleep the sleep of the just? Your efforts give new meaning to the term "I'm Pooped!"

  2. Wow, that's a lot of work for one day. But it's a nice feeling to know everything is done and looks good. I like the smell of fresh cut grass too. Glad the boys helped out, they're such a good herd. No one will have to rock you to sleep tonight!

  3. Whew, that is a lot of work! With the sun coming out and the recent rains you should have more grass to mow in no time at all. At least the boys will be happy.

  4. definitely time to get Stormy and his sidekick Tex out on my front 'lawn' to mow it for me!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond