Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Long Will They Last?

And I Get Acupuncture

I had an acupuncture treatment today, mostly for my knees. Hard to say if there is any real effect yet, but they did not feel stiff when I got off the treatment table.  Of course, since then, I was pushing the DR trimmer up and down the little bank to the west of my driveway, trying to get rid of the weeds before they begin to tower.  It was physically very hard work so I am expecting a reaction tomorrow.

I didn't ride again, mostly because I had spent the latter part of the morning once again nearly stripping the stalls as the horses had spent some time standing in because of both the rain and the surging bugs.

Which leads to the title of the blog.  Just how long will the new fly sheets last?  They are they good ones, but with an added feature--neck covers.  I didn't really want that but they sheets were such a deal on Horseloverz this winter--under $40 each for really good poly mesh sheets.  I don't worry about the sheets themselves lasting. What I am wondering about is how long the attached neck pieces will survive.

They are designed to be fastened to a halter, but my Boys do not wear halters in turnout.  No bigger there as the fabric does have some substance to it.  And I can always cut them off if I want to.  I just wonder how much of a "target" they are going to be for horsegames 102.

So, in lieu of more explanation, a portrait gallery of the horses in brand new fly sheets and some gratuitous kitty pictures. Peppercorn is the black kitty and Misty is the gray striped one.


  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Looking good - but based on your prior experience with "clothing", you must be an optimist!

  2. The boys look very handsome in their new sheets. Guess you'll just have to wait until the Summer Games begin to see how much they can take ;)

    The kitties look very happy. Hope your knees benefit from the acupuncture treatment.

  3. Such pretty kitties!

    I think the only blanket that could ever survive your boys is one made entirely of duct tape and baling twine! *G*