Friday, April 15, 2011

Still Issues With My Back

So No Riding

And no heavy work, which means that the barn chores are kind of building up.  However, the Boys are spending most of their time out in the "pasture" nibbling on whatever little bits of grass are starting to appear, so the stalls are not dreadful.  I pick a little here and there, but there is work to be done.

And next week, I have scheduled some riding lessons, so I need to get the arena in shape as well. Mostly tractor work there.

But better news for me is that my lawn tractor/mower is back from repair, and despite my fears that I had blown up the engine, it is OK!! It turns out the starter had gone bad and that had somehow messed up the running and finally, with its complete "death" kept me from starting the engine again.

I've grown rather fond of the old Bolens over the years. It really is a good tractor and can manage some pretty heavy weeds, including the pasture.
Needless to say, it's a relief to have it back safe and sound, ready for the new growth.  My lawn is rather a wreck, but if I fertilize it, it may actually look like something presentable. My Aunt's lawn next door is one of those show piece lawns, so mine's pretty scraggly in comparison.

And, I still have large chunks of tree trunk on the back lawn.  No one has yet stepped forward to saw it all up. I keep hoping someone who needs firewood will put in the effort. Otherwise, I might be able to arrange things into a nice lawn sculpture.

Anyone have any bright ideas? I can move some of the pieces with the front end loader, but the bigger ones may just have to stay in place.
The big ones are nearly 4' across!


  1. Sorry to hear your back is still not healed enough for riding or any kind of work. Your Bolens looks like an old friend glad it made it through and could be repaired.

    As for the sculpture, looks like a lot of heavy work. Wonder if you called a tree company and told them about it if they would know someone who could use the wood. Or maybe an add in a local paper etc. Good luck. Hope your back is back in shape soon.

  2. Wow, those are huge - 4' across. Just tack up a ad in the local feed store. Free firewood - u cut and haul. It will disappear quick enough I bet.

    Ah, the problem of the neighbor's lawn being a show piece... at least it's your aunt, presumably more tolerant than a non-relative. With all the moisture in your part of the country it should look ok with minimal work.

    I hope your back is all the way better soon. It's hard to think that chores are piling up.

  3. Jean, this is a great oportunity to hire a sexy strong handyman to coem help you with chores.

    In the past I proposed for a young horse-mad girl to come to help you with teh boys'chores. but you never seemed interested.

    So it is a handyman you need ^-^ LOL!

    I hope you get better soon, but handy man will help HAHAHA

  4. I was going to propose making it into a woodland wildlife garden with native flowers and birdfeeders and such, but I think I like Muriel's boy-toy idea better! You could also try posting the wood on Craigslist we've gotten rid of (and acquired) a lot of junk that way.

    Lawns are so 1990s, "meadows" are all the rage now. Instead of having a perfect lawn that requires loads of water and chemicals, you plant wildflowers in the space and let it go native. Low maintenance and pretty!

  5. wildflowers sound good.

    and making something of the remaining bits of tree would work, let moss grow over, some would make seats, plant round them, could work out ok