Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Farrier

 On My List

I just left a message with Scott, my farrier.  Tucker, as you may recall, lost a hind shoe. Today, Scott called before noon to tell me he could come over to put it back on.

Fine, except that I had a chiropractor appointment at 3:15, just around the time Scott figured he'd arrive. No problem there as far as Tucker is concerned. My horses do not need someone to hold them when they are being trimmed or shod, so I didn't have to be there.

However, Mick, Scott's dog, is another story.  I was a bit upset that I probably would not be there to play with him. He thinks I am one of the best toys around. And, I have some of the best toys around as well--nice bouncy tennis balls and tennis ball like toys.

Well, after my adjustment, I rushed home, hoping to catch Scott and Mick, but two extra long red lights and two school buses slowed me down. I'm not sure how much I missed them by, but, I missed them.

Then I came into the house to check my answering machine and my email only to find two email messages from Scott:

Here they are:
That's my good buddy Mick, waiting at the back door of my house for me to come out to play.

Well, at least all Scott had to do was put on one back shoe, so that should not have taken too long. I can have some of my guilt assuaged by the fact that Mick was not sitting there all day!

Next time, Mick!! Next time!!  (I called Scott and left a message that he was "evil" sending me those guilt shots....*G*)


  1. if i ever make it over the pond, i want the change to meet scott's dog mick ....lovely pics...

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  3. What a sweet looking dog! So patiently waiting for you to come out the back door and play. I can see why you would be bummed by missing Scott the farrier!

    Hope the chiro apt was worth it :)

  4. Oh poor Mick, how sad that he was waiting for you by the door. I guess he loves you as his best friend in the whole world.

    The chiro was important too though. Hope it went well and when the rain stops you'll be able to ride again.

  5. What a sweet dog. I would *kill* to have a farrier like Scott!

    Wish me luck in finding a good trimmer for Teena!

  6. Some farriers have really awesome dogs. I've known two. Too bad you missed him.