Friday, April 01, 2011

Rainy Days Return

March Goes Out and April Showers Come In

It's been raining and snowing....fortunately no snow sticking anywhere so I don't have to look at the white stuff...but snow has come down.

Needless to say, this has again put a stop to the outdoor horse activities.

I have instead, been "amusing" myself with a developer's application to put a concrete batch plant in the State Park.  Mind you, there is already an asphalt plant there that's been there since 1948, so the new company is arguing that the land is already industrialized, so why not just change it to another industrial operation?

The area, aside from being inside the boundaries of the State Park and all its associated environmental sensitivity, is also on a residential road with houses and families.

This one is kind of a sticky problem but we're working on it.  I was at a meeting last night that ended at 11:30 PM and anticipate another similar meeting in the future.  As well, we spent the good part of a day at the Township Municipal Building reviewing plans and diagrams and will need to do that again.  We'll also need to meet to review the meeting video and further develop some questions and strategies.

While the whole thing is frustrating, it is also interesting, so it's keeping me busy as I watch the snowflakes fall.

The Boys just seem content to stand under the run in sheds observing the world from shelter. Apparently even they are tired of winter dropping down on them.


  1. Oh dear. It's the same all over for that sort of West

  2. There's an asphalt plant in the State Park? Only in NJ....

    We got snow this morning. I guess that's Nature's April Fool's joke! I am not amused.

  3. I can't believe they put an asphalt plant in a state park either. That's ridiculous. Wonder who's getting a pay off on this stuff.

    We had snow and now rain too today. Like Shannon said April Fools Day. Hope we get some decent weather soon. I have a hunch we'll skip spring and go right to summer temps. Our horses are miserable you can see it in their faces. I actually think they're depressed if that's possible.

  4. I can't even imagine a smelly ashpalt plant in a state park. At least the concrete plant wouldn't stink like that. But still, a state park??

    I guess I shouldn't be surprise. Here they put a landfill right on top of a aquaphour. The people voted it down and the politicians did it anyway. Strange but true.

    Good luck with your project.