Monday, April 25, 2011

Saddle Time

And I Am Really Out of Shape!!

I have no stamina, that's for sure. My muscles are fine, my balance and seat on the horse are fine, but one ride, and I'm done. I was too tired to even do a little barn work out there after I finished riding Chance.

I worked him in the arena for about five minutes, just having him stretch down. He's not quite solid at it yet and is taking a bit too much contact, but he is putting his head down of his own accord. He's heavy to the rein most of the time, still trying to figure out where he belongs, but "round" is nearly in his vocabulary.

It was warm today, at least in the 70's, with sunshine, but the rains of the last few days left their mark on the arena. It definitely needs to be dragged again.  But, my footing is good, so aside from negotiating around the mud puddles, we were able to do a nice 20 meter circle.

Then, we went out on a trail ride in the woods. We took the "longish" route, all the way to back where the flooding is once more pretty obvious. The worst is that there is a really obvious stream bed running through the back of the farm field. Despite all my efforts and the money spent on the flood study, nothing has been really solved.

I let Chance graze a little on the way back as the green grass just looked too appealing and I had to indulge him. The "pasture" I have is not what you'd call lush, but it does keep the Boys amused.  I do think I'd worry a bit if I did have lots of rich grass for them anyhow--worries about laminitis and too much sugar. But I do like them to have a treat now and then.

Back at the barn, I sponged Chance off, and that was about it.  I fed the Boys dinner, came back inside, and here I am.

Guess I am going to have to build up my stamina again so I can get some chores done and still managed some rides.

Considering both I and the horses have had the winter off, I shouldn't be surprised.  I'll just take it a little at a time.


  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    I think it does take time to build up to riding multiple horses, particularly if you're also doing all the barn chores yourself as well.

    Good that he's stretching down - that's a real step on the road.

  2. It sounds like you and he had a really nice time today. I'm so out of shape after the winter too. It's going to take some time but I'm sure we'll all get there...probably by next winter!

  3. Cute Handyman ... That is my answer ^-^

    I bet you will get riding fit very quickly.
    If you start swimming again, it will be even faster.

    I am glad you had a pleasant Easter.

  4. anno domini?

    but you've had a fair amount of time off one way and another ...

    i reckon i'll find it just as hard with just one, once i'm fit to get back on again!