Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back and Forth

And I'm Waiting for the Sunshine

My back is OK, but not 100%, so I am still nursing it.  Sometimes it feels great and then, it kind of tightens up again and it's not.

I will have to be patient.

And Tucker has lost one back shoe. Kind of curious, as he has rarely lost back shoes in the past. I'm not too worried about it as it's on the foot without the crack and he was barefoot in back for a while.  I'm pretty sure he will be fine without the shoe, but I was hoping to ride him with all four on to see if it made any difference.

He has been striding out with a nice big walk when I see him at liberty and I wondered if it would carry over under saddle. But, alas, my back stopped me from finding out.

Ah, well. Patience.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for the sunshine to drop in for more than a hour or so at a time. Ever since winter began, we have spent days and days under cloud cover and so far Spring seems to be following that pattern.

As for the riddle of the blanket piece up in the tree?  I guess you all got the hints about how I suspect it ended up there.  Needless to say, I suspect Chance had a major role in it.  Tucker certainly couldn't have ripped the blanket himself--hard to shred a blanket off your own rump like that.  And Toby has never shown any past history of shredding blankets, so that leaves only one culprit--Chance.

And, what else would he do with a trophy won from the bigger horse?  Toss it about and play?  Wave it in the face of his victim?  Show off?  All of the listed options?

I have found similar pieces of filling and blanket material strewn all over the paddocks--remember, three blankets fell victim.

Now, to be honest, this winter did prove to be pretty boring, activity-wise. I mean, what else is a horse to do to keep himself amused in all that snow?


  1. I'm still giggling over the blanket in the tree. That's very inventive.

    Sorry your back is still not 100% but when it's totally healed perhaps the shoe will be back on and you'll get to find out how it was working out for him.

  2. That piece of blanket, already conveniently located in a tree, might end up lining some lucky bird's nest!

    Your constant cloud cover might be linked to our constant drought. Let's hope both make a change soon.

    Ah, yes, patience, sigh...

  3. Wush you to be fully recovered soon. Chance is a little monster.
    Boys they always find something to play ^-^