Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back to Work

But Gingerly

My back felt pretty good after church today, so I decided it was time to get a little exercise.

I went out to very cautiously poo pick the riding arena.  I put on my back brace first and was very careful not to twist or turn too much, or to fill the wheelbarrow so it was too heavy.  That felt OK.

So, then I trimmed a few branches that are edging into the arena and fixed a broken fence post by nailing some mending plates on it.  I reset the rails there and in one other place and called it a night.

Yes, it was a bit of work, but I was as careful as possible. Then, when I came in, I took some Ibuprofen and some valerian to keep my muscles relaxed.  (I also unloaded two bags of alfalfa cubes from my car....forgot that.)  I am putting the heating pad on too.

But, nature does not relent. When I got home and looked out the front window, I saw a big branch broken off my lovely magnolia tree. This is very sad as the tree is really pretty in full bloom.  Apparently, a large branch snapped off from the almost dead maple in front and then crashed through the poor magnolia and demolished a good sized branch from it.

All of which means another large clean up job for me. I guess that's going to have to wait a while until I am better recovered, unless I can call in a favor or two.  I was owed some fence mending, but maybe tree cutting will do instead. The maple really ought to come down, but I can't afford it at the moment. It's not a job for amateurs.

So many blossoms are going to wither there.  So sorrowful to see one of the first signs of spring damaged like that.  Fortunately, it did not hit my wires.  That is the only lucky break.

Nothing like owning your own home to discover all the little bits of work that need doing.

I'd love to hire a cute handyman, Muriel. But I'm not sure I could afford that either. But at this rate, I might need to find a way.

It's a little overwhelming right now.

Funny story:  I called the Boys in for dinner.  Toby came just fine.  Tucker and Chance followed and slammed on the brakes.  Ohmigosh!!!  There was a repaired fence on the far side of the arena!!  Spook!

Silly Boys.  It took extra time for them to come into the barn.

Horses always amaze me at how they notice changes in their environment.


  1. A repaired fence is probably ultra obvious compared to a predator hiding in the bushes, waiting to ambush. Not much gets by a horse.

    Good news so far on your back but I imagine that you should be very careful for at least a few more days.

  2. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Glad you're feeling a bit better but be sure not to overdo - it's always a temptation as there's always more.

  3. You could exhcnage English lessons against work in your house ^_^

    I am sure you will attract a soembody capable and kind enough to help you with the house.

  4. Such a shame your beautiful magnolia tree got damaged. There is always so much work to be done it can get overwhelming. We have the same problem here...where to start.

    I'm glad to hear your back is on the mend, the temptation to overdue things is a problem. I do to much then pay the price.

    The boys are silly they can always find something different to catch their eye. One horse I had would slam on the brakes if they reconfigured the jumps in the arena and only enter with constant urging on my part. Hope you find some affordable help.

  5. hope you didn't do too much there (although from the subsequent post, it seems not).

    we had to have our maple pruned to prevent the roots growing further to the house - it was pretty much scalped, for £250 - which is 407.870 USD - so hate to think what chopping down would cost you!