Tuesday, October 05, 2010

There Was A Time

When I Was Younger

Once upon a time, when it showered, I rode anyhow.  I rode when it was hot. I rode when it was cold, or when it was wet.

Now I wimp out.  Yesterday is a prime example.  Off and on showers, a bit chilly temperatures, and I simply "thought" about riding. But then thinking of wet tack, wet horse, wet me,  turned me off.

Then again, I used to ride my horse six times a week.  And that included some pretty hard work for at least four of those days.  But, I was evening then and doing jumping.  And I competed.  A really fit horse was essential, as was a really fit rider.  No way to slack off and still remain competitive and.....SAFE.  Ride a dressage test, walk a cross country course--probably twice on that same day--ride the course that day, and then finish up with a round of show jumping, and you need to be in shape.  I hardly ever had a helper with me, either, so I had to do all the horse prep, horse care, packing, unpacking, and shipping on my own.

Could I do it today?  No way.

Would I want to do it?  Well, to be honest, every now and then, especially when I watch something like the WEG I do get a little tug inside. There is nothing quite like riding a good cross country horse over a good course at speed.  It is addicting.

Yes, sometimes I do miss it.

But creaky old bones, a few too many falls, and the wisdom of growing older puts nostalgia in its place.

I'll thrive happily on my memories while I potter down the wooded trail and when I pop over a little log now and then, I'll just pretend it's a 3'6" hurdle conquered at a gallop.

That will do me just fine.


  1. A good perspective. At least you have those experiences to recall and relive.

  2. :) Riding in the cold and rain is no fun for anyone. And what you've crammed in in the past puts me to shame now!

  3. When you watch the eventing and get that tug, at least you have so many good memories to fall back on. You're lucky that way. And nobody likes to ride in the cold, damp and wet weather, wet undies are awful to deal with.

  4. sounds good to me Jean!

  5. There's a time for everything and ambition and goals don't really allow you to just plain old enjoy time with your favorite animal. Who likes to ride in the rain anyway - not me!