Friday, October 15, 2010

One Down

Orange Sheet Destruction

Well, it's still usable, with a piece of baling twine tying the front together where once a nice strap and buckle were.  This was Tucker's sheet, which, along with the others, was practically brand new.  I'm not quite sure how the front strap met its demise, but it did not survive for 24 hours.   Ah, well.  Boys will be Boys.....

I cleaned the stalls, then decided to clean out the run in roof on the west side of the barn.  With the recent rains, the Boys have been hanging out there quite a bit, so, it was on the messy side.  Three wheelbarrows later, the task was done, and so were my knees.

Because it was so windy, I had already decided to lunge rather than ride, but with my knees already fatigued, I ended up just lungeing Tucker.  Well....I "asked" Toby and Chance if they wanted to lunge too, but they said, "No," and walked off.

Tuck was a good boy as he usually is on the lunge line.  After a nice session at the trot and canter on both reins, I decided to set up the little jump just to give the workout some variety.

Once again, he was a good boy and jumped it nice and softly on the right rein.

Then, I sent him at it on the left.  The first jump was nice and quiet and then....Speed class at the WEG!!

I think Tucker would have won.  He simply flew around me on the circle at a gallop and then leapt the juimp as if he had wings.  Not too sure he would go for any height as the speed jumping created a flat bascule, but he surely did look exciting.

Now, if I were training him as hunter/jumper, I would have slowed him down and demanded he jump properly.  I would have placed a pole on the ground a stride away from the fence on the approach and perhaps one a stride off on the landing side to make him check his strides and regulate himself.  But he was having fun and so was I, so there was no need for gymnastic perfection.

We were playing, and it was a good afternoon.


  1. It sounds like you and Tucker had a lot of fun playing today. Now it's probably time to rest your knees and maybe get a ride in this weekend. It should be decent weather (I hope). Too bad about the blanket,it's amazing how they can trash clothing so quickly.

  2. Anonymous8:45 PM

    A good time was had by all! Take care of those knees - leave some for riding!

    Your boys are sure hard on their gear!

  3. Sounds like fun! I ended up being lazy and not doing anything. I've had enough of windy days!

    You should get a cart to tow behind the lawn mower. I love mine, no more wheelbarrows and sore knees! Although, if it's too muddy the lawn mower can't pull it. Then I'm back to the wheelbarrow.

  4. 24 hours! Now that's a bit extreme on their part.

    What fun Tucker had! And how nice for you to enjoy it.

  5. Boys will be boys indeed! Sounds like a fun time with Tucker, and I do hope your knees are feeling better today.

  6. horses and rugs... go figure....