Sunday, October 24, 2010

Love My Farrier

And How the Days Fly

Yesterday morning when I fed Tucker, I realized the "clank" had turned into a "thud" as his shoeless foot struck the floor of the barn.  The tape had worked for two days, but alas, he had lost his shoe.

After I fed, I came inside for breakfast and called Scott, my farrier.  I was kind of toying with doing some riding, but got distracted in the house. And I had two campaign functions to go to, so I was a little pressed for time.

Around noontime or so, who should pull in the yard, but Scott, my favorite farrier!  He was taking his time on a Saturday morning to come to take care of Tucker.  What an angel!!  Not Tuck, but Scott.  Tuck got a little fidgety since the other Boys were not locked in the barn, and when they headed out to pasture to graze, he started dancing a bit, distracted instead of focusing on the task at hand.

I went out to the pasture with treats and brought Chance in, locking him in Tucker's stall, and the rest of the shoeing went without incident.  My Boys are good for the farrier, but obviously not the best behaved if their friends are out of sight.  Well, Chance might be OK, but both Tucker and Toby need the other horses in sight to be content.

Scott will be back during the week to shoe Toby and trim Chance, so this was a special trip just for Tucker.  Needless to say, Tuck and I are quite happy about that.  He's able to be out, and I have no excuse for not riding him.

Except that I didn't.  Once Scott finished, I headed out to the Harvest Fair at the local church, and the book sale at the library.  While I didn't win any of the raffles, I did get a real bargain at the rummage sale, a delicious cheesecake at the book sale, and one book to keep me happy.

Today?  Well, church took up the morning and then we went out to lunch afterwards.  I stopped over at my friend's barn across the woods to give her the rummage sale of those spas you can use in your own bathtub...seemed virtually brand new and it only cost $1!!!  I told her if it didn't work, she could just toss it out, but I'm hoping it will be fine and she will enjoy using it.  (There's a long story behind why I bought it for her...but that's not for this blog.) It was kind of cool that I found it in the first place.

Some of the other deals at the sale were great, but I honestly don't need anything more in my house than I already have.  The church was raising money to make the building handicapped accessible.  It's going to be a bit of work since there are several levels in the building and to get into the chancel, you have to climb a set of stairs.

This is the church I went to as a child, but it's been a while since I've been there. Strangely enough, every now and then I have a dream where I am in the church, though.  Kind of ironic I didn't dream about it last night after my visit.  Maybe my subconscious was satisfied by reality and had no more need to create a dreamworld version of my old memories.


  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    You do have a gem of a farrier!

  2. Rummage sales, garage sales and such are hard to resist, but there does come a time to recognize that we don't need more stuff. I hope you get some horsey action tomorrow, new shoes 'n' all.