Monday, October 25, 2010

The Terrific Trio

Great Day for a Ride, Ride, Ride

I rode all three Boys today. It was simply beautiful out. Warmish--somewhere in the 70's, sunny, and with a nice breeze...although all that looks to be deteriorating into cloud cover even as I write this.

I took Chance out first, heading out at once to the trails.  At this rate, he will never really be trained as a dressage horse, but he surely will be a nice trail horse.  We went out back to the lake, took the trail around it and came back through the woods. The excitement? There was a fallen tree on the trail back and I asked Chance to jump it. He did from a nice little trot and then cantered a little after. Our first jump out on the trail!
Here is he relaxing after the ride.

When I told Toby I would just take him for a short ride in the woods, he wasn't quite sure. But then he let me put the halter on and we had a nice 10-15 minute hack along the short trail.

Tucker was actually quite interested in being caught, as I'm not sure he liked being left out.  I decided to ride him first in the arena and did some trot work before a bit of a workout in the canter. The wind was picking up a little and I didn't want him feeling too silly out on our ride through the woods.

It paid off as we had a nice walk along the short trail as well, and then a bit of a sponge off when I got back as the cantering had made him work up a sweat.  The picture actually shows Tucker before the ride, drinking in preparation for the workout.

Since I am posting pictures today, I thought you might like to see the huge puffball mushroom growing in the manure pile out back. There are perhaps a dozen out there, but this one is really big. A normal sized maple leaf was lying on it, so I left it there for a sense of perspective.  If this one and its mates shoot out spores for next season, who knows what kind of monster fungi will grow.  Here are some of the others as well:


  1. I have those mushrooms all throughout my pastures. They're fun to hit with the mower. Although, I suspect all I'm really doing is spreading the spores.

    It was a lovely day for a ride today. I'm glad to see you were able to get out and enjoy it! The boys are all looking very handsome this Fall!

  2. A fallen tree, just for you? Lucky Lady. Those horses will have sweet dreams tonight.

  3. It's great that you were able to get out and ride all three boys today. What a treat for all of you and a little jumping too...terrific!

    That is one gigantic mushroom! I guess the manure is a really good fertilizer.

  4. p.s. sorry, I meant to say that all the boys are very handsome and look like a happy herd.

  5. Giant mushroom!

    And nice pictures of the boys - thanks!

    Sounds like a great day for three rides!

  6. What fun to hop over a little jump on trail! I trail rode today too and it's so much fun to get outside the arena on dependable horses.

  7. Thanks for the photos ^-^ they are good ...Tucker looks like a Quarter horse in that pose with a flat outline.

    Just to comment about your latest pots I will KILL for a farrier like Scot.
    Did you tell him about my farrier taking a metal grinder to Teena's hooves?

  8. Your boys are really cute. It's fun to have pictures.

    I totally thought that was a tiny leaf until you explained the picture. The mushroom is incredible.