Saturday, October 30, 2010


A Little of This and a Little Of That

Not quite sure where Thursday went, but it ended up with a candidate event in the evening.  I met a lot of people, shook a lot of hands, and talked a lot about my platform.  It is certainly an interesting experience.

Today, I spent at least part of the morning running some errands and writing.  Writing what, you ask??

A story with sound effects for children.

Why, you ask?

Well, because I had volunteered to dress up in my witch's costume and go to the local public library to run an afternoon Halloween party for children. It was a fun time, and the kids enjoyed several activities, along with this one.

The story may sound familiar to my regular readers. *G*

Here is the story.  The sound effects are: wind--making a whooshing sound, crack--popping plastic wrap bubbles, thump--thumping the floor, bark--imitating a dog,  clip-clop--plastic cups tapped on the table, leaves--rustling a plastic bag, creak--running a plastic hair comb on the edge of something, owl--hooting through a cardboard tube.  The children added and sounds as I read the story aloud.

Toby', Tucker and Chance Go On an Adventure 

One dark night, the wind  was blowing hard (wind).  Toby, Tucker, and Chance were out eating the nice green grass.  Toby walked over to the fence and leaned on it, trying to reach a green leaf on the other side.  Suddenly, “crack!”   the fence rail broke into two pieces. 

“Uh oh!” Toby said, “That’s not good. “

But Chance said, “Oh, boy! That’s good!”  And he came over, and put his teeth on the second fence rail and pulled and pulled.  Suddenly that rail fell with a “thump”  and the fence was down.

Tucker looked and said, “Let’s go on an adventure!”  So he stepped over the last rail and out he went.  Toby and Chance followed him.

Off they went, “clip, clop, clip clop, clip, clop.”

They walked for a while until they came to a nice big house in the forest.  “Let’s visit,” said Toby, so they went into the driveway,  “clip, clop, clip clop, clip clop.”

Suddenly a dog barked. (bark)  and a light came on!

“Let’s get out of here!” Tucker said.  “Go that way into the woods!” 

So off the three horses went through the “dry leaves, “ and into the dark, dark woods.

It was very dark.  The wind was blowing, making a whoosh sound in the leaves. (wind and leaves)  Toby stopped to listen.  “It is scary in the woods, “ he said.   He shivered when he heard the tree branches creaking (Creak)  off to the left.  Then he heard the tree branches creaking  off to the right.  Then he heard a “crack” as a tree branch broke and fell with a “Thump!”

“Let’s run,”  said Chance. And off they ran through the leaves, “Clippity, clop!” 

Soon they came to an even darker part of the woods.  This time, there were too many trees for the wind to blow.   But it was not quiet there either.  An owl spoke up first with a “who, who.” 

“It’s Toby, Tucker, and Chance,”  Toby answered.  “We are lost in the woods!” 

But all the owl said was “Who, who!”   again.

“Toby, Tucker, and Chance,”  Toby said again, but this time the owl didn’t say anything for he had flown away.

Then the leaves rustled in front of the three horses.  (Leaves.) 

Out popped a furry face wearing a black mask!  It was Sven Bobby, the famous raccoon of another story!

Tucker jumped, but Chance stood still and said, “Hello, we are lost in the woods. Can you help us find our way home?”

“I do not know home,” said Sven, “but I do know where the cornfield is.  I was going there for supper.  Follow me and you will be out of the dark, dark woods.

So Toby, Tucker, and Chance followed Sven Bobby, through the creaking trees, (creak), the breaking branches, the rustling leaves, the wind, and the hooting owls out into the cornfield.

Suddenly their hoofs made a clip, clop sound on the hard dirt road.

“I know where we are!”  said Tucker.  “This is the road to the pumpkin patch.  Let us go to see.  There is nice green grass there to eat and someone will find us because people are always there picking pumpkins. 

So off they went to the pumpkin patch, “clip, clop, clip clop, clip clop.”

And sure enough very soon after they got there, the farmer found them and took them home safe and sound.

And Toby, Tucker and Chance were very happy to be home in the nice dry barn, because that very day, a great big storm came with the “wind,”  and then the little rain, and then the big rain, and thunder. 

But the three horses were safe and happy, eating hay and talking to each other about what an exciting adventure they had had in the big dark woods. 

And in the deep, dark woods, the owl hooted, the trees cracked, the leaves rustled, and the wind blew all at the same time.  Making it a very noisy place to be.

 The End


  1. Excellent ^-^ I really enjoyed it. Somehow I can imagine them talking to each others for real ^-^ I hope it will be a great success.

  2. *lol* Lovely story :D

  3. Wonderful story with great sound effects. I'm sure the children will love it. Do you have pictures of the horses too, so they can imagine what they look like? Have fun Hallow-witching!