Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not Much To Report Again

Kind of Tired Day

Bit of a repeat of the intestinal thing....not serious, but enough to keep me cautious.

I did go get feed, though.  I unloaded eight 50 lb. bags of grain and three 50 lb. bags of alfalfa cubes, so I got my exercise for the day.

Anyone here remember when horse feeds only came in 100 lb bags?  That was the standard when I first started riding.  I think a few of the feed stores used to open the bags and split them up for customers who couldn't handle the full 100 pounds.  As I recall, bird seeds and chicken food--we had chickens back then--were also in the 100 lb. bags.

Somewhere along the way, the feed companies--at least the horse feed companies--realized that a lot of women cared for and handled horses and the 50 lb. bag became the standard.  50 pounds is still a bit heavy to lift, but I can manage.

Wonder if, as I age, the manufacturers will drop the standard weight to 25 lbs?

Or course, at the rate of inflation we seem to continually face, we'll still be paying the same per bag.......


  1. you're right about inflation, jean...

    our feed comes in 20 kilogram bags, which is about 44/45 lbs

  2. The Purina feed, I bought comes in 25 kg that is 55lbs.

    I am now using the yard feed, that comes in a truck ;-)
    They told me they bought it from a private MILL. They were not impressed from the main name mills, explaining to me that the mill was not clean properly.

    They also told me that the cereals for horses should be crush with heat for cooking the kennel. Because horses do not digest the kennel, like a ruminant will.

    Boh? do you know anything about it?

  3. When they get down to 10 pound bags, I'll be all set!

  4. Hope you feel 110% again soon Jean, well done on the feed bag wrestling!

  5. The 50 pounders are getting a little heavy to handle for me too. Sorry you're not feeling well again, hope by tomorrow it's a thing of the past.