Thursday, August 06, 2009

What Lovely Boys

It Started Off Rainy

It was showering this morning....or spitting....nothing big, but I think it broke the back of the humidity for at least the time being. I got kind of distracted after doing the morning barn chores and didn't get out to work the Boys until the afternoon. By then the sun was out and it was warm but not unbearably hot.

I had already decided to long line both Tucker and Chance.

Since Chance was in the barn, I worked him first. Let me say, he was absolutely super on the lines. The only little problem was that he kept wanting to break into canter instead of trot, but he was easy to fix and once he settled in he took a nice soft contact and just worked beautifully. His contact on the lines was soft and round without overflexing, he came well from his hind end, and he was super relaxed. He never made a single effort to fight the contact and was completely obedient to my voice commands. His gaits are developing as he learns to use his back and I am happy as anything to see his progress.

I put the full bug armor on Tucker because when I was lining Chance, one of those B52 bomber flies came at him--he didn't flinch--and such an attack would have set Tucker into a frenzy. I actually think Tucker has decided he is entitled to the full fly protection, so I will make sure I will not take him out to work without it as long as the flies are around.

Tuck was a little lazy to start off, but once he warmed up, he began to work nicely forward into the bridle. I had to be careful not to let him overflex as he will curl up to avoid the rein contact, but overall, he really pushed through from the hind end and did a really good session.

I love watching my Boys go, especially when they go well. I just hope I can get the same kind of work from them when I ride. It's always so much easier from the ground.


  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    They both sound like they're working well for you. I'm careful, too, around those B52s - they're downright frightening.

  2. They both sound like they were stars today.

  3. I love a good day on the lunge line...means great days in the saddle. Good boys!

  4. That is a distinct advantage of working them from the ground. I love to watch my horse move. It's such a treat to see them trot or canter at liberty. Chance is working so nicely! What a pleasure it must be to see him develop and respond to your expert training. And thank goodness for the bug armor! Tucker would not be a happy camper without it.