Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day With Friends

And I Am Stuffed

I had breakfast out with some friends this morning. These friends are involved in my political connections, as we all worked together on a mayoral campaign in the Township and formed a good and lasting friendship since. It was kind of a "Happy Retirement" get together for me.

We went to IHop. (The International House of Pancakes) and I had...guess what, pancakes!! All in all we spent nearly two hours eating and chatting.

Once I was back home, I had to head out again to go pick up my new glasses. Unfortunately, my contact lenses were not there, so I will have to go back on yet another day to pick them up. The eye doctor is not too far away so it's OK, but I wish I'd gotten everything at once.

I picked up a phone message from one of my teacher friends who said she and another friend from school wanted to get together. So, we set something up for the evening at a local restaurant. I spent a little time at home, fed the Boys their dinner and headed out to the pool to catch my afternoon swim.

I have just gotten back from a good long dinner with lots of great conversation and company. B. the teacher had the classroon next to mine and she will be headed back next week. M. the other friend is a secretary who also retired at the end of the year. B., she and I kind of formed a close bond while we were at school, so we had a ton to talk about. I am going to miss seeing them every day, but I am sure we will keep in contact and perhaps get together occasionally.

My tummy is full, my heart is happy, and even though I didn't work the horses....again....I had a really nice day socializing.


  1. You'll have to work off all that extra food - but how nice to spend time with friends!

  2. What could be better than a day socializing and eating with good friends. We all need a break like that once in a while. Glad you had fun.