Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're Having a Heat Wave

A Tropical Heat Wave

So I have been indoors. I did vacuum, and I cleaned a bit in the kitchen. Much more to do, but I did start, anyhow.

The Boys seem to at last be using the shady trees in the paddock by the house for some comfort in the heat. I'm not sure if the allure of the fallen apples from the apple tree are luring them out there, but they are spending some time out instead of simply hanging out in the stalls with the fans blowing on them.

Horses are pretty adaptable to the weather, but when it's humid like this even they suffer a bit. But so far, with the fans and all the shade, they seem to be doing just fine.

And do they love this new hay I have. I hope the rest of the load I get it from for the winter is as nice. They are eating almost every morsel, leaving very little to go to waste.

Stacie emailed me the other day to tell me the big horseflies, the ones we call B52's are horrible down her way. She is about an hour south of me. Since I haven't been out there during the day, I have no idea how bad they are here, but the Boys are not going out much into the pasture, so I suspect something might be bugging them out there. Fortuately, with the fly predators and the Simplifly at work, the barn itself is a pretty good haven. I do have some barn flies, but not enough to make it miserable. The fans also tend to blow any bugs away, so that's the other reason I keep them going.

So far, so good with the herbal remedies for my problem. I am feeling quite good and I went for a nice swim this evening. The water was almost too warm, but it felt good anyhow. I'll have to watch the weather forecast for the rest of the week as thunderstorms are predicted, and I'll want to get my swims in before the storms roll in each day.

Guess I'm going to get a bit of housework done, huh?


  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Hope you continue to feel better, and that the heat gets better!

  2. Heat wave here too. So I am heading to the mountain with my son, where the air is less humid.

    What is Simplify against the flies? Is it a feed or a spray?

    I woudl love to use flies predator here. It seems that it REALLY works!
    I wonder if I could work to produce it ^-^
    I have already bred flies for genetic muations ...

  3. glad you're feeling better...

  4. Please how do you post photos on blogger?

    I can only post photos with URL from teh net.

    Can you give a step-by-step?

    I usually download my RESIZED photos to photobucket but blogger does NOT download them.
    Any idea why?

  5. when you're writing your new post there's an icon at the left hand side of the icons above where you're typing, a little box with a picture ... if you hover over it, you'll see it says "add image" - click on it, it brings up a separate screen and from there you browse down to where your pics are on your pc and upload ...
    the one next to it is for video, but you can only do 5 minute clips (really more like 4 minutes)