Sunday, August 30, 2009

Soggy Bottom

Super Wet

The arena was really soggy this morning. I was going to lunge then, but it really would have been messy

The day turned out to be pretty nice. Hot, but not so humid. I did a bit of weed trimming out and about. The big deal was to search for the burrs that Chance had in his tail. Every year he manages to find a patch to stick his head in and then gets his forelock all tangled. Once, when I was reaching up to clean them out, one of the tiny thorns went into my eye. I had to go to my eye doctor to have it removed. Ever since then I have been really careful.

So, this time, I decided to seek out the offending plants before they got into the horses's manes. My bigger riding mower has been out of commission all summer with both a slipped belt and a reluctant engine...a result of not being run all winter. I didn' t bother calling for repair because I have the other mower for the lawn and I didn't want to spend any extra money on something that's an easy fix. Trouble is, the friend who could fix it has not been around all summer, so the mower sat and, as a result, the pasture has several spots of rather tall weeds....and some burr bushes.

Well, no more. I think I found all of them and trimmed them down to ground level.

That work done, I was hot and a bit worn out, so I fed the Boys and headed out to the pool for a nice refreshing swim.

The water felt wonderful. It had cooled off a bit after the last few days of bad weather and once I was in, it was really nice. I rode around the lazy river four or five times too, just because it was so pleasant. Next week is supposed to be cooler, but I'll still be able to get some swimming in to end the season.

Once again I am thinking about lungeing a bit before I go to bed. In the dark we don't have to worry about the flies. But, again, we'll see.


  1. A bit of rain yesterday and cooler temp. but nothing dramatic should be hot hot and humid soon again.

    If you are a full-time trainer at home, you might want to look into some indoor-school set-up. either find an indoor-school close to you, or perhaps build a type of roof to protect a bit your ground for working.

    Otherwise you might find it tough now you are all day at home.

  2. I do hope next week is cooler; it can't be too long now with September almost here. Those burs are a problem. I have noticed some around our barn too but luckily Tetley does not have any he can get into.

  3. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Our rains seem to be over, and it's cooler as well - perhaps that weather will make it over to you soon.

  4. Those darn burrs are a menace, we have them all over the place apparently. I haven't found them yet (must be in the back pasture hidden) but the horses have all found them. Or should I say their manes and tails have!