Monday, August 24, 2009

A Break In the Weather???

I Think It's Better

Not sure where the day went today, but the weather was a lot nicer. I got involved in some projects indoors and by the time I realized it, the day had drifted by.

Worse, I'd made an appointment to go pick up my new glasses and forgot about it. I had a longish phone call that completely distracted me. Guess my brain went into neutral.

I did manage go to for a swim, but the lap pool was closed for cleaning. That left me in the family pool which is not at all a good place to try to swim. All the people there are kind of playing around, standing in the water, and just generally moving into whatever line you choose to take. I did manage enough to get some exercise. Then I went down the waterslide about five times, so I had to climb the stairs to get up there--more exercise.

When I came home, "Mosquito Man" was here. This is my friend who works for the County Mosquito Control Commission. He was directing the heliocopter to spray overhead. He had a gauge set up to make sure the spray was reaching the ground, and while we waited we had a nice chat. His wife and I have known each other for ages. She has driving ponies, her own riding horse, and a nice Halflinger for her daughter to ride. So I managed to catch up on some of the news. My friend is not sure the stuff they used to spray will do anything as it is some kind of experimental "green" product he's not sure is very effective. When he left, I told him I'd make sure I looked for dead mosquitoes around.

Meanwhile the Boys were finding the low flying heliocopter a rather exciting invasion of their peace and quiet. That is Toby and Tucker were finding it so. Chance was contentedly grazing in the front paddock. Then, when I commented that he was the only sensible one, he heard the other two frolicking and promptly took off the join them. I'm sure he wouldn't have bothered if he'd been on his own.

Hopefully I will gather my wits about me and do something with the Boys tomorrow.


  1. gosh you will need sharp eyes or a magnifier like Sherlock Holmes to be able to see dead Mosquitoes LOL ^-^

    Cooler weather here ... for now.

  2. I think the weather is breaking here too. Hope you find lots of dead little buggers.

  3. I wonder if the boys looked up at the helicopter. Tetley does but I don't see the other horses looking.

  4. you getting forgetful in your old age jean? LOL

  5. So far this week I have - ordered spicy pasta when SH said ham egg and chips, sent Sonia a copy of the wrong video, taken a shirt back to Sainsbury when I bought it at Tesco. And you think YOUR brain is woolly today????