Saturday, August 29, 2009


Rain Again

Off and on, but definitely rain. It did get warmer, so I headed over to the pool for an early swim, but it was closed. I am guessing there were reports of lightning in the area as thunderstorms were supposed to be passing by.

It finally cleared up in time for me to head out to my friend's house for a barbeque. This is an Internet friend, who became real several years ago when we discovered he lived here in New Jersey only a bit over an hour away. Hans (his Internet moniker) is a professor at a community college. He, his wife and three children invited me to their annual barbeque two years ago and it's been a standing invitation ever since. I didn't manage to get there last year due to some horse event or another, but I drove up today.

I had a really nice time. Hans' other friends are interesting and articulate. The food was delicious, and I quite enjoyed myself.

I've closed off the pasture for the night as more storms are rolling in and there is definite lightning now. The Boys were inside anyhow, whether because of the mosquitoes or the off and on rain. I guess they won't mind not being able to go out to the big field.

They are snacked and tucked in for the night. Now we'll just have to wait to see what kind of weather tomorrow brings.


  1. There is something decadent and luxurious about being safe and indoors during a summer storm.

  2. it's ended up over here now...