Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There Are Mosquitoes....Alive!

Hungry Critters on a Summer's Eve

I went out at around 7PM after it had cooled off a bit to lunge the Boys. I figured I have to start getting them fit all over again after the heat wave.

I'm glad I decided to lunge. When we started, the sun was still up a bit, just enough to give the flies some flying light. And fly they did. The big B 52's were in full force, coming two at a time. Fortunately, they tended to land on the horse's backs and I'd left their fly sheets on, so no one got bitten and I managed to squash at least three of them. I have never seen so many at one time. The rain must have created a horsefly breeding frenzy.

I lunged Chance first and he was just a doll. This time both canter leads were soft and good. He was a little too relaxed as he broke gait once or twice, but he was nice and even and really paid attention.

Then I went to collect Tucker and he decided to play keep away. He was not hard to catch when I first got him, but at some point, Toby, who can be hard to get, started herding him away from me and so now, when he's feeling independent Tucker will play "the catch me if you can" game.

I quietly walked after him for at least fifteen minutes, and then decided that I might better spend my time poo picking the arena before it got completely dark. This was after the wild turkeys showed up and sent the Boys galloping out into the pasture.

Well, about five minutes into the poo job, I had both Tucker and Chance at my elbow. I shooed Tucker off a few times until he decided I was just the most interesting person in the whole world. I walked over to pick up the halter and lunge line and he walked off again. But this time, he went into his stall and turned around to give me his head.

I lunged him for a short session. and he too worked quite well. His trot started off lazily, but, especially after the first canter, he was really striding out nicely.

Once I'd finished with Tuck, I cleaned some more of the arena...it is part of the Boys' turnout area and hadn't been picked since the heat wave started...and tried to ignore the mosquitoes. We'd gone from big fat flies to ravenous mosquitoes in the space of about fifteen minutes once the sun had set.

I seriously doubt the spraying had accomplished very much if it was supposed to kill the mature pests. If it was supposed to do something to the breeding or hatching cycle....well that may be. But I can tell you there were a lot of biting critters out there tonight.

Done at last, I gave all three Boys some carrots and here I am, reporting to the world on a buggy summer's eve.


  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    The bugs are bad here too - I have to go out early so the horses and I aren't eaten alive.

  2. I've got to say this is the worst I've seen the B-52's, flies and mosquitoes in a long while. It has to be all the rain we've had over this summer. Great breeding ground. Sometimes I think there are enough of them to carry a full sized horse away!

  3. so much for your mate the mosquito man!

  4. With hot humid weather we are under attack from the tigers mosquitoes.

    It is my least favourite insects. I hope the bats and birds make a feast on them!