Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Another Shoe Drops

Went out to feed and Tucker was limping badly. The right front shoe was twisted half off under his foot with the toe clip into his sole. I have no idea how long it was that way. It was fine this morning when I left for physical therapy.

I was close to panic. Normally, I don't overreact but this kind of thing is so upsetting because I knew I had to get the shoe off ASAP and it is one skill I have never mastered. I have some tools, but getting the remaining nails out holding the shoe to the other side of his hoof was beyond me. When I did manage to pry the thing off, another chunk of hoof came with it.

I was worried about this shoe all along. The shoeing job, as you may recall, was done by a substitute farrier. The shoe, well made, and well fitted was not, however, really rolled in the toe and set back a bit to encourage breakover. Since that is Tucker's club foot, unless the shoe is well rolled, he may not roll his foot over fast enough to get out of the way of a hind foot, thus pulling the shoe. While I am not sure that's what happened. it is rather strange that he managed to lose the right shoe a day after being shod and now this one a week later. We did have some rain, but the ground was not very wet and mud was at a minimum, so I doubt that was a factor.

At any rate, now there is a good chance he has bruised himself. I am worrying about another abscess and my farrier is still not recovered from his shoulder surgery. His assistant reset the other shoe, so I suspect he could reset this one, but what about any damage Tucker may have done to himself? I am worrying about this one.

Obviously, I did not ride. At least not yet. This morning would have been perfect, but I had the physio appointment. It got a bit hot--not horrible this afternoon so I decided I'd ride in the evening. Not sure I'm in the mood now. Tucker is lame--shoeless. Chance is iffy as I hadn't checked him out since the other day when he felt off. Of course, there is Toby, so he may get some work.

Meantime, I saw part of the Olympic event jumping. Germany won the gold, Australia was silver and, Great Britain took the bronze. The best surprise was Gina Miles of the USA winning the individual silver!! I can't help being nationalistic here, sorry. But with all the disasters the US team had--including the loss of the top eventing pony in the world--a silver medal is a triumph. There was less than one rail separating the top four rides! Congrats to Kristina Cook of Britain too for her bronze. Germany seems to dominate the equestrian world right now, and will probably take home more gold, but how nice to see "our" riders do so well on the world stage.

Dressage next!! I am looking forward to it.

Addendum: Just came in from the barn. I am now watching the individual show jumping on TV. I saw most of the team stadium this morning on the Internet.

I went out, soaked Tucker's foot in epsom salts and betadine. Then I put Icthamol on it, after finding a nearly two inch long cut in his sole from the twisted shoe. I wrapped it in cotton, Vetwrap, and duct tape. I headed out to dump the wheelbarrow from cleaning his stall when, lo and behold, the farrier truck pulled into the yard. My regular farrier had called his sub who was in the area today and he'd come over. (About five minutes after I'd bandaged Tuck.)

He cleaned out the cut, paring sole away until he struck a little blood in the cut--a good thing, he said as it would help clean out the wound. Then he packed it with this stuff they use to clean up oil spills in the ocean. It will not absorb water and should keep the debris out of the injury. Then he tacked the shoe back on. Tuck will need to stay in tonight and then we'll see how it goes. He will probably sore for a day or so and we'll just have to keep an eye on him.

Lucky the farrier was in the area as he is from well up north of me--by at least an hour.

Olympic Fever Spikes
Just saw Gina Miles's show jumping round. That horse is lovely. He is huge--17.2h, Irish Sport Horse, Mckinlaigh--and she is a little slip of a thing, but what a wonderful round--fluid, fast, accurate, beautifully ridden on a very responsive horse. (Missed Tina's ride as the farrier was here.) What a surprise her medal is. Beautiful riding, just beautiful. I won't knock Hinrich Roemike's ride on Marius either, as it was clean and fast. But, I just think Gina's ride was much prettier. Happy, happy!!

Now, if the US dressage team could medal....one presumes the gold is a done deal. *sigh*

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