Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Front

But A Break Anyhow

I long lined Tucker and Chance last night around 9:30 PM. It had cooled off considerably even though no storms came through.

This morning, it was glorious with a beautiful breeze, but I had a physical therapy appointment!! By the time I was done, it had heated up somewhat, and I decided to do some shopping. I failed to find the new location of the vacuum cleaner place, so I couldn't get the bags I need. Then after wandering up and down the highway in all the traffic, I went to get my hair cut. Then I "hit the mall" for some window shopping and bought some things on sale.

I will go for a swim and later, once the sun starts to set, I am sure it's going to be lovely again, so I will work the Boys. I want to swim before it cools off, because the sun actually feels good out there today.

I lunged Tucker at around the same time as last night. Having been adjusted myself, I thought better of riding. As well, I want to leg Tuck up. While he was trotting he took a really bad step with his right hind as it want out from under him. It is a bit worrying, but I have dealt with stifle issues before--Russell R.--so I know what to do. Right now legging him up is the first line of defense. We can also do prolotherapy to help tighten his ligaments if need be, but that will not be unless he has more chronic problems.

It should be cool tomorrow morning, so I may just ride.

Sorry to say to those of you in soggy Britain, but we need rain. My arena is sporting clouds of dust as I work my horses. It goes up in big billows all over my property and the neighbors as well. We need some rain.

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  1. We had our headlights on driving down to the training place at 09.30 today ! Love reading about your sun.