Saturday, August 02, 2008

Friday Frustration

Update on Yesterday

No horse activitiy due to, AGAIN, the miserable heat. I have just decided to surrender to the weather.

The frstration came when I went to take care of the dog. He had pooed on two throw rugs, and vomited in the hall. He'd also torn up his bed in his crate.

Now, one must asky why? Brother's car was in the driveway, but brother never came down when I came into the house. Was he still in bed? Was he there? Had he been there? Why was car there? Had dog been taken care of at all since the afternoon before?

To all of the above, no answer. I had to clean up the mess. I tool the throw rugs home to wash them. Put both in the washer only to realize too late that the reddish one "bled" into the other one, leaving a pink tinge to it. My friend assures me they are "throwawy" rugs so it will be fine. At least they are clean and don't stink of poo.

When I went back later to return the clean rugs, another sister had dropped by to take dog out for a run. She'd pulled the ripped up bed out of the crate and left me a note telling me she would get some kind of replacement.

Dog had been behaving like a champ. I know he misses his family, but this behavior was "over the top." Why would he have such a meltdown? The only conclusion I can come to is that Brother did not take care of him that evening/night. He is not supposed to be the substitute caregiver as it was Grandma's job. I don't think owner is too happy about the alternate arrangement, and if the consequences are any indication, I can certainly understand why.

Now, I am worried about both the dog and the goats. Father is supposed to be home tomorrow, but that leaves today and at least part of tomorrow when animals will be in the care of someone else, not me. Will goats get fed? Will dog be cared for? My official "tour of duty" was over yesterday. All I will do is worry today.

I have Grandma's phone number, so I will likely call her later in the day to see if dog has been tended. I also want to make sure he is OK and not ill.

PS: Muriel. Lost your email addy. What's going on? Can't view your blog without invitation. Also what happened on the forum? I don't want to stay there myself without finding out what happened.

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  1. but how's the igallop going? or is it too hot for that as well?