Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sweat, Sweat

I Couldn't Believe It

I lunged Tucker this morning around 8 AM or so. After about 15-20 minutes in the arena, we moved out to the pasture and I sent him round about 10 more times going up and down the hill around me.

I figured I'd ride later as it felt pretty dry (not humid) and not overly hot. I spent the morning in the house with a window open, keeping tabs on the outside temperature--not too bad as there is a nice shady tree right by the window.

A friend called me on the phone just before I was going to head out to ride. We spent some good time talking and then out I went. When I hit the first patch of sunlight in the backyard, I knew I'd maybe get just a short ride in so I decided to work on the broken fence in the arena and start trying to get the extra fence post out by the new run in.

After about a half hour of moderate labor, I was soaked in sweat. H-m-m-m-m-m. Was it really that hot? My farmer friend came over to borrow my tractor for some work at his house, keeping me occupied for another bit of time so I gave up on trying to ride then and decided to go for my swim.

There is that now famous thermometer up on my garage in the full sun. I looked up. Mistake. It was reading--117F!!!! Of course this was with the sun beating on it full against a white background. But, when I got in the car, I read my dashboard thermometer and it read 93 F, and that was in partial shade.

This does not bode well for the upcoming first week of school. I am going to roast in my classroom. Bad enough for vacation to end, but to have to suffer in the heat again??? I am not a happy camper.

At least the swimming felt good. If it cools down I may work a horse, but I have given up my promises. Tuck was worked today, so that's good.

I do have a lesson, I hope, on Saturday, so I need to get us both in shape. Just wish it would cool down!!

Keep meaning to add: I have a family of wild turkeys who have taken up residence on my property. The wild turkey is a fair sized game bird. I think I have Dad (tom), Mom (hen), and Child (turklit *G*?????) I will try to get pics but they are pretty shy about me. However as days have gone on they seem to be here more and more. I am not sure about the male, but I think he is one because he is a bit bigger than the other adult.

Last year I had some on my property and one morning the male puffed all up and displayed his tail like a peacock. The Boys were in the paddock nearby, all standing in a row. Their heads all went up in perfect wild stallion harmony and they looked gorgeous. Another one of those moments when I wished I'd had camera in hand.

Did I tell you my neighbor dropped by the other day to bring me some things and he said a coyote had killed all is chickens!! I have seen the fox, of course, but not a coyote which is much larger. A number of years ago, Toby and PJ jumped out of the fences after being confronted by some kind of dog thing--from the footprints in the arena sand. I'd bet it was a coyote then.

About two years ago, I saw to police cars stopped by the Turnpike bridge with a large dog critter lying in the road. When I called later, they confirmed it was a coyote, so I know we have had them around here.

My neighbor insists he saw one. If so, I am not happy to know they are approaching the houses in the area. I do go out to tend the horses after dark. I figure the Boys would be able to handle a coyote if need be. I sure know Toby tried to make short work of a big Siberian Husky that was trying to chase them.

Still, it's a worry. Just one more to add to my plate, eh?

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  1. Are coyotes like wolves?

    No coyotes here, so I really do not know their dangers.

    I am glad Tucker worked, he might think he is on holiday ^-^