Friday, August 15, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

The "Shark Boys"

Had to go to the chiropractor as I was the victim of a “feeding frenzy” last night in the barn. I had opened the doors to both Chance’s and Tucker’s stalls when I went out to feed so Tucker could cross the aisle to his stall from Chance’s where he’d come in.

I fed Toby, the gentlemen, and while I did, Tuck impatiently went back into the barn aisle trying to get me to hurry up. When I ordered him back into his stall, Chance marched into the aisle behind me demanding attention too. When I told him to go back to his stall, he spun around and knocked me off my feet into Tuck’s stall. It wasn’t intentional, just clumsy on his part and my fall wasn’t bad, but it did jolt me out of the adjustment I’d just gotten at the chiropractor about two hours before.

I woke up with a bit of a headache this morning. After I fed the Boys I went back to the chiropractor. *sigh*

I did, however, watch a good bit of the team/individual show jumping qualifying rounds this morning on the Internet. While the show jumping does not rivet me quite as much as the dressage, I am endlessly impressed by how well those riders can judge those fences. And I love the horses. They all really look as if they are enjoying the challenge. Having ridden my Russell over so many jumps, I know a horse can love to go up and over. Clearly, every one of the Olympic horses has the heart and will to win. Again, it was fun to see the Hong Kong riders go clean in front of the home crowd. And, of course, I am very pleased with the US team so far.

Tomorrow, my plan is to watch the Grand Prix Special on TV, or the Internet, or both. US TV does not think enough of the equestrian sports to showcase them. So the TV schedule list the dressage for 5AM-5PM on one of its NBC stations but the competition is actually running from 7:15 to 11:45. I don’t know if it will be live on the TV, but it will be on the ‘Net.

Hope there are no thunderstorms tomorrow, as my DSL tends to go out when there is lightning. They closed the pool yesterday due to the storms and I got my laps in this evening just as the sky was starting to cloud over.

I did trot Tucker out to see how sound he was. He is much better tonight, though still definitely lame. But in three days he’s gone from an 8 or 9, down to a 3 or 4 on the “10 is dead lame” scale.

Since it was hot and humid again today, I didn’t bother with Chance so he’s had enough rest to get over whatever was making him a little “off.” Hopefully this last round of storms will ease the weather again and I will be able to get some saddle time in on the weekend. I’m pretty sure Tuck will not be rideable, but clearly I am not without a horse to ride.

Perhaps the gentleman and I can manage a hack.


  1. Phew, thank goodness both you and Tucker are OK. I know that "just happens" thing and I'm glad you got away with it. Tetley knocked me flying once!


  2. Not you too ..I woke up unable to move my neck and shoulders feels like a trapped nerve!:(

    Havent see any of the show jumping ,saw most of the XC and a little of the dressage, track and field seems to be taking up most of the tv coverage now.