Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lunging in the Morning Shade

Tuck and Chance Going in Circles

I was up around 8 AM after hving somehow managed to stay up until nearly 4 AM--though I did nap somewhere in there while the Olympics were on. Forgot what the heck the competitions were.

It was cool out, so before I fed the Boys I lunged Tucker. I did not close the gate to the arena. That meant I had a audience in the arena with me. First is was just Chance and then Toby came to observe. They did stay on the edge of the lunging circle, but not by much.

What the heck is so fascinating about watching another horse trot around in circles. Obviously, entertainment is hard to come by in the paddocks.

After I finished with Tuck, I collected Chance and lunged him. He still pulls out when he is going to the right, but it is SO much better than when I first worked him on the lunge. I "asked" Toby if he was interested in doing a bit of work, but he made it clear he wanted no part of participating. Apparently, lunging is a spectator sport as far as he is concerned.

So far, that's it for the day in the horse department. My neck, after the physical therapy, etc. was kind of stiff today. Fifteen laps of the pool helped, but I really don't feel like doing too much more.

I did clean all the stalls and the run in shed on Chance's side of the barn, a worthy piece of labor.

When I came back into the house, I took a long nap. When the Olympics are over tomorrow, I certainly hope I get myself to bed at a reasonable hour.

A news report on National Public Radio indicated I am not much different than a whole lot of a Americans whose sleep patterns have been totally disrupted because of the Olympics. Good things they only come along every 4 years....wait, it's a 2 year cycle now with the Winter Games on a different 4 year pattern. Oh my......


  1. Luckily I haven't been much attracted to the Olympics since it went so professional and since Ben Johnson let the world down. No sleep loss for me.


  2. just like C.
    I am not a big fan of the games, I think it brings out the worst of patriotism/nationalism.
    Also I am convinced that most athletes are all doped, really not interested except for staring at well-muscled bodes ^-^

    How was the horses' movement today? Were they both sounds?

  3. Im with Jean ive been hooked and my sleeping pattern is totally cocked up,although most of that is probably down to the puppies.
    Roll on 2012 all in UK time:))