Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Weather or Not

Last night I spent the better portion of the evening cleaning Tucker's little paddock and stall--this after having going to the chiropractor to get nearly every vertebrae in my back adjusted.

The tractor is not working right and the front end loader is completely uncontrollable, so I had to use the wheelbarrow. The problem there is pushing it through the mud. That wore me out, so all I did was give Tucker a lunge session. He was wonderful and seemed to enjoy going over the little elevated cavaletti (jump) I'd set up.

Today, rain was in the forecast, so I had decided Tucker was going to stay in. Since there is no shelter in the ring/pasture (remember the blown away shed), I don't feel it's fair to force him to stay out and get wet when he has no choice.

So as the skies clouded over this morning, I settled him in his stall and pen.

Ok, so now it is 11AM and the sun is shining. It's a beautiful day! I am really going to owe Tuck big time when I get home. I feel so bad.


  1. Doesn't that ALWAYS happen! The number of times I've left them in and then the weather changes and it's gorgeous.


  2. yup, all the time. ditto re cold/warm, can't get the rugging right.