Monday, January 14, 2008

No Snow!!

Rained Out Instead

Actually not rained out all day so the Boys were out. I just hope Tucker still has his shoes. I didn't check when I brought him in as I was still in my school clothes and shoes, rushing to beat the rain as it started to get heavier.

I'll be back out there for late night feed, so I'll check then.

Needless to say, I didn't ride. But I did go to my chiropractor for a much needed adjustment. My lower back and pelvis were really out of alignment and it messed up everything above as well. I feel SO much better now.

Got the quote from the carpentry teacher at school on a run in shed for the new turnout configuration. Super good price, well within reach, so I guess we will go for it. That will make things so much better for turnout when the weather is "iffy." I hate leaving the horses out without real shelter even though they have hedges of trees blocking most directions if they so choose. And, of course, often in the bad weather they stand outside anyhow. Actually, I think much of the time barns and shelters just make owners feel better and don't impress the horses.

My guys do choose to stay in sometimes, though, so I certainly want them to have the option.

Meanwhile I have to decide what to do about the solar energy system I wanted to put in. Big capital outlay now requiring financing, but if the calculations show me I will eventually get my money's worth....stay tuned again.


  1. ooh - solar energy! when we had our new roof on i thought we should have investigated solar roof panels, but partner thought it wouldn't work and so we didn't - i still think we should have at least looked at the figures!

  2. Mine use the shelter a lot at the moment, they are a wet pair! But other horses I've had have only used it when it's too hot. A wood one is great, will you need planning consent like I would?