Friday, January 04, 2008

Different Dynamic

Tea for Two

But which two today? This time, Tucker and Chance were hanging out together in the pasture and Toby was off by himself on the other side of the barn.

I had a little heart thump when Toby decided to roll on the side of the little hill where he was browsing. He has colicked before and for a moment, I was afraid he was having a problem. But then when I asked him if he was OK, he promptly made his way over to the stall area and reassured me. When I finally fed, he was first in, so I guess he was feeling A-OK. I'll still keep an eye on him as the evening progresses, just to be sure.

I'm pretty sure Tuck took advantage of the free turnout tonight--it's still frozen solid--to barge into Chance's stall to finish up his grain. I just hope Chance ate most of it before the big galoot interrupted. This is one of Tuck's "dominant" moves but he certainly doesn't need any more food in his belly.

The ground is still like cement, so riding is out of the question and sunset's fast approach helped me lose my enthusiasm for a hack. Too cold anyhow.

The good news is that warmer weather is on the way for tomorrow and most of next week. Perhaps too warm for winter--over 50 f. But at least the ground will thaw and I can get some quality time in the saddle.

If we do have lessons on the 19th, Tucker might actually be ready to do some work. My vet is coming on the 12th to give him another acupuncture/chiropractic treatment which I think he needs, so the more fit I can get him the better.

Accomplishing things in the winter is so hard. If it's not too wet, it's too frozen. The fall leaves are still all over my lawn and I am going to try chopping them up with the lawn mower--riding mower. If that fails I will have to call someone to clean them up.

And then, my Kubota tractor with the front end loader was acting strangely the other day. I may have to send that off for service. If so, it's OK because the tractor dealer says they can pick it up, service it, and then get is back to me in three days. Way good as I don't want to be without it for long.

Even though it's not likely to snow if it's 50 degrees out......


  1. i've got one of those leaf vacuum & shredder combined things - brilliant! we get a lawn covered with maple leaves, apple leaves, plus whatever from the graveyard out front depending on the wind, and i end up with lots of lovely shredded leaves to turn into leaf mould or put on the compost ...

  2. Tea for Two was Tetley's posh name!


  3. We are ruled by the weather arent we...gets so frustrating at times.
    Meant to be a nice day here tommorrow too,fingers crossed!