Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nothing Special to Report

Freezing Weather

Too cold to ride, mostly because the ground is frozen solid.

Good for Tucker as he will be able to go out in the paddocks tomorrow since the mud is now solid. Bad for riding.

Its OK, first day back at school wore me out. Just being there and trying to contain the energy of my 14-18 year old students is a challenge. Teenagers.

I was a little disappointed at the results of a project I gave to my 9th graders. The idea was to create a tourist attraction of Hades, the Land of the Dead from Greek mythology. In the past, the kids have had real fun with this one, inventing all kinds of fiery attractions, saunas, barbeques, and special HOT or death inspiring events and facilities. This time, only one or two of them picked up on that creative approach. Instead we had beaches, Burger King and roller coasters. Ah well, somehow I need to spark some creative thinking in these kids.

Meanwhile, my seniors had to, according to them, "suffer" through a comic video featuring Anna Russell, a former opera singer who does a really funny routine making fun of classical music and opera. Shall I say, "Over their heads?" Trouble is, these kids have no cultural background at all, and I doubt if they really "got" half her jokes. Anyhow, I will torment them further tomorrow as Ms. Russell does her own version of Wagner's Ring operas, which was the whole point of the tape as we had read "Sigurd the Volsung," the original story on which the operas are based. At least they might appreciate that.

So, the horses are all tucked in their beds for the night and when I go out to do the late feed, I will give them each a nice warm bran mash.

The nice thing about horses is that they are creative and would probably enjoy Anna Russell.

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