Monday, January 28, 2008

I'll Probably Be Sorry

But I Hope Not

Didn't work the horses tonight.

My lower back was really BAD yesterday. I did ride and when I did it felt better, but if I sat still for long in the house and got up, I could hardly walk. So, the riding was OK, but just resting was not.

When I got up this morning, I could still feel the problem, so I decided I needed to do something about it ASAP since I really doubted I could manage a day of teaching feeling like I had on Sunday. Called in to school and headed off to the chiropractor at their opening hours.

Perfect. They managed to fit me in and in less than an hour, I was readjusted and my back felt TONS better. However, as the day wore on, my muscles began to ache again. My back was in place, but I was sore.

So, I hemmed and hawed and finally decided, despite the lovely weather and pretty good footing, not to ride again. The fact that my knees were pretty bad too helped seal the deal.

I did some poo picking instead, though much of the paddock stuff was still too frozen to move. Just one wheelbarrow full, and not a heavy one either.

The future regret comes with the fact that tomorrow my EVA friends and I will be driving upstate to interview Arthur Van Dyke, the elderly gentleman who used to own the farm we are trying to preserve. He has many wonderful stories to tell of our area and we want to record them. What that means is that I will not have time after school tomorrow to ride either. I think the weather is supposed to be even better OR, it may rain.

At least the 10 day forecast promises warmer temps, so the riding possibilities are actually pretty good. Trouble is, if it does rain and then thaw, poor Tucker is going to be back on his restricted turnout.

He really has been enjoying the complete run of paddocks and barn.

I gotta get the money together to put up that run-in.

And, I gotta get the money together to pay the horribly high heating oil bill I just got today.

Think I'd better buy some lottery tickets and dream!


  1. So, since when has someone who has just had their back put back together, been supposed to poo pick?

    do you know, i have NEVER been on a yard where poo picking has been done - the only place was back at my first yard where if you left your horse in the dirt "arena" you poo picked it afterwards...

  2. I hope you have a lock on that tank Jean. Heating oil is being stolen over here because it's now worth so much money. Our geothermal heating system is paying for itself in leaps and bounds.


  3. I so wish I could come to hear Arthur..My new job is good but my night availability is so limited. It's very frustarting for me....