Thursday, January 17, 2008

On One Hand I Could've

On the Other Hand I Didn't

I was snowing when I drove home from school--the weatherman's forecast spot on again.

While the day had never really warmed up, my ring, which I had dragged last night, was really very rideable.

However, Tucker's run in seriously needed a cleaning, particularly if he was likely to be stuck in tomorrow, and the shed on the other side of the barn was also a real mess.

With my happy little tractor back home and in good working condition, I had to decide whether to ride in the falling snow and end up with very wet horses, or clean the sheds.

I decided to clean the sheds, mostly because the horses had decided to take shelter themselves, so it was pretty clear they weren't too keen on being snow bunnies.

I'd let Tucker out in all the paddocks today. The ground had frozen solid over night and the temperature was not going to get out of the lower 30's. There was really very little unfrozen mud when I got home, despite the fact that the ring was pretty nicely thawed. I am pretty sure that the draggin had a lot to do with that as it let the sand absorb what little sun we did have pretty efficiently.

Tuck did have his shoes on, so that was good and he seemed pretty happy to be in his shed and stall for the night, so that was good too.

The two sheds are far from spotless, but they are considerably cleaner than when I started. It's really hard to do a super good job in this wet weather. Still, the most mucky stuff and manure are gone and things look a bit neater.

Meanwhile the snow keeps falling, with predictions that it will change to sleet and perhaps all rain or just icy stuff as the night/morning progress. I have a choir rehearsal tonight, so I have to go out driving in it. Not looking forward to that.

But, I've been there before. *sigh*


  1. Your weather seems as changable as ours its been raining and blowing a gale all day and looks to continue!
    Its nice to get jobs like that out the way I sleep better when I know jobs like that are out the way:))

  2. Yes, a nice self satisfied feeling after doing the chores is the reward :-) Good luck in the snow.

    Jean I have been meaning to tell you that in English English (as opposed to US Enlgish) you can get away with saying that your ring is rideable, but last year when you said your ring was frozen it was unintentionally very amusing to the more sewer minded of your English friends!!


  3. I'm alive I have reappeared after a 4 month absence...I have work to do getting the old blog up and running again...