Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nice Day Again

Good Footing, But Rain on the Way

Darn it. The ring is nicely dried out too, and rain is predicted for all day tomorrow.

I rode Tucker for about a half hour, with lots of trotting and two or three somewhat challenging stops on his part. At least once, I think he took a little bad step, but the other stops just came out of nowhere. Only one was a problem when he started to back up instead of step forward, so I simply switched directions and off he went.

If Dr. Klayman doesn't find any physical issues in his back or stifle causing this--although I suspect he will--I'm back to the take Tuck to a trainer option. Stacie saw the guy my trainer had recommended working another horse and she was quite impressed. He was not harsh, just patient and determined.

Interestingly enough, though not surprising, Tucker's trot and demeanor improved after we did a few canter sessions. That made him forward and he kept it back down into the trot, really pushing into the bit with his whole body.

After working on the Tucker riddle, I lunged Toby for a good session, trying to keep him at least a little fit in case he's needed to give someone a lesson.

Since I have choir tonight, I ran short on time, so Chance was odd man out.

A friend from 'way back emailed me today with the offer of a 5 month use of a 9-10 year old Trakehner cross trained as a jumper with a new career as a dressage horse in the cards. Needless to say, with three here, I don't have room. It would be a great project for someone.

Stacie can't take him on either, so I am kind of out of ideas. Wonder if my trainer knows of anyone?


  1. Its a shame Tuck is still not being 100% you feel he is better than before you started the ulcer meds though?

  2. winter changeable - that's the trouble...