Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Ya Gotta Be Kidding!

Patrick O'Patticats my Computer Assistant 
Get Out the Shovels

Yep, you got it. More snow and "stuff."  Rain, sleet, mess for today and tonight--it's already started snowing--and then for Thursday a snowstorm that might bring as much as a foot of snow on top of it all.

Here's the thing that anyone living here on the East Coast knows. The stuff that fell last month is still on the ground. There are about four layers of snow, ice, and "stuff" already on the ground. Melting has been minimal. It just hasn't gotten warm enough to get rid of it.

This is actually pretty unusual for this area. Normally, we have spells of warmer--at least above freezing--weather in between storms. Not so this year. The Arctic air has just dropped down and stayed.

Not sure what I'll do about the driveway. As you may recall, I did not plow Sunday. As I'd hoped. the snow/ice melted off the blacktop and the driveway was clear by the afternoon. This time, that will not happen. Obviously, I will need to plow, but my worry is how wide I'll be able to make the driveway. The snow on the sides is ice coated and hard. It may well act as a barrier to the new snow when I need to shove it aside. All in all, it's going to be interesting if we get the amount of snow predicted.

Chance is the victim of a bite and run.
So far, the Boys are able to get out and about. I would not say they are happy, but they are able to walk around imagining there is actually stuff to nibble on.  When I went out to take these pictures, Tucker herded Chance off. Then, he decided to chase him. Chance kicked up his heels in defense and Tucker grabbed at the back of Chance's blanket with his teeth. Clear evidence of how the blanket got ripped the other day. No damage this time, but Chance was pretty quick to run off.
Tucker tries to look innocent. 
Toby just stays out of trouble.

Follywoods could use a good thawing out at this point, but to be honest, I'm not looking forward to the mud that will come with it. With all this snow, there will be quite a bit, I fear. 

Ah, well, just another phase of "yuck" to face this winter. And to think, less than twenty more days until Spring. 


  1. Oh dear, more winter disgustingness (is that a word? if not, it should be).

    Everyone needs a kitty computer assistant.

  2. Love the picture of Patrick O'Patticats! Your horses look as bored and annoyed as mine do.

    Hope you get the driveway sorted out. Some of it might melt we've gotten a little warmer today 37! Heat wave...until tonight when it snows again. Ugh, disgustingness for sure.

  3. I don't envy you, dealing with horse care in your weather. We just had four inches but it is the lightest, fluffiest snow ever, beautiful and easy to deal with. Soon, it will be spring! The horse I ride here, in Colorado, is now shedding, so spring is just around the corner.