Friday, March 27, 2015

Scary Stuff

This Is My Road

If any of you wonder why I never trail ride along my road, here's a picture of an accident that happened today.
South Brunswick police and fire departments on scene
I was trying to get home from a doctor's appointment and had to detour since the road was closed. This accident happened about a mile west of my house. To be honest, I am surprised this kind of thing doesn't happen more often.

My road is two lanes, without a shoulder, and it has many dips and bumps. We get truck traffic all the time even though the road was never designed to carry big trucks like this.  People fly by at speed past my house all the time.

I have no idea what happened here nor who was at fault. I know one driver was airlifted to the hospital. I suspect is was the car's driver. At the moment there are not a lot of details made public.

The road was closed for perhaps five hours.  Trucks that were on the road when the accident happened had to back up for more than a mile before they had a place where they were able to turn around. Hours after the accident, there were still trucks backing up past my house.

I must have reached the intersection near the accident less than a half hour after it happened. On my drive home I was passed by one emergency vehicle after another. When I saw them all heading for my road, my heart sank.

I hope the injured driver is OK and recovers.

This used to be a quiet country road until the lands at either end were sold to commercial developers who built warehouses. Now it's become a main route for trucks. The promised through road that was promised by one of those developers at least 25 years ago has not been built so my road takes the brunt of the traffic.

This is the result.

Additional Thoughts:  The most recent article about the accident said it was a head on collision. Considering that the truck is off the road to the right, I am suspicious that the car driver went over the line and the truck swerved to avoid him. That leaves me with the thought that perhaps the car's driver was texting or on the phone?  Either way a head on with a tractor trailer is a pretty serious accident. No wonder the car looks totaled.  There is swamp on truck side of the road there and wet woodlands on the car side. The guard rails are to keep vehicles out of the water. Well, not a tractor trailer, but that may have saved him a little.


  1. Very scary - hope everyone involved survives and is OK.

  2. Thats awful. Hope all involved survive.

  3. Speed bumps are the only remedy I can think of.