Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Sometimes Justice is Served

I was heading out to the feed store yesterday, driving my Dodge Durango. It has a big engine and pretty good acceleration. I wasn't in a hurry, but I don't like to dawdle either.

The road I travel to the feed store has two traffic lights that always seem to turn red when I get to them. It's kind of strange because this is a main county road and most of the cross roads are more local thoroughfares. Apparently the traffic signals are set to trip pretty quickly for the side roads, so I just keep an eye out when I reach them.
 Traffic Light Clip ArtThis time the second light was just turning green for my road as I neared. There was one car ahead of me at the light and further ahead, the traffic that had just turned off the side road onto our street. There are two lanes at the intersection for traffic going straight. The right lane is for cars either going straight or turning right, the center land is for traffic just going straight and there is a left turn lane as well. I was going straight and was in the center lane. A bit beyond the right lane merged into my lane, so there was no reason for me to choose it as an option.

The car in front of me moved along, I followed and we both accelerated at an even speed up to the 40 mph speed limit. In my rear view mirror I saw a car bearing down behind me at a good clip in the lane to the right of me--the lane that was fast disappearing. That did not deter him. He raced up behind me, sped past and then, had to suddenly brake as the lane disappeared and he had to swerve behind the car in front of me, nearly backending him.

We all drove in a line for a bit at the speed limit until I saw the car in front pull over to the shoulder of the road. I'm guessing the speeding car was tailgating him for he let the speeder pass and then pulled back into the lane in front of me. All's fair. He was there first and I was in no hurry and I'd already decided to put a little distance between me and the speedster anyhow.

Well, speedster hurried on up the road until he caught up to the traffic ahead.

Glory of glories, the traffic ahead was a full school bus, dropping students off on their way home from classes.
School Bus Clip Art
Speedster was stopped dead behind the red flashing lights of the bus as the car ahead and I caught up to him.  All speedy's reckless maneuvering had gotten him was a dead stop.

The road offers no place to pass, so all three of us were stuck behind the bus as it stopped again and again to let kids off. Frankly, I was having a wonderful time laughing at how justice had been done to Speedy. He'd gotten exactly what he deserved and gotten no farther ahead.

The bus finally turned off our road, much to my disappointment, and Speedy raced off again, but I'm pretty sure he hit the next red light in the town where the feed store is.  All that rushing to get nowhere fast.

This is the second time I've seen Karma at work behind the wheel. The last time was when the police car pulled the speedy driver over who passed me in a 25 mph zone.

Sometimes things just work out right.

The Boys have their feed, and all is well at Follywoods.


  1. When stuff like this appens I always say " now don't you feel stupid for acting like a jerk and getting nowhere!" Good story.

  2. How could the Universe be so insensitive to the needs of such an, obviously, important person?