Friday, March 20, 2015

What a Difference a Day Makes

Insult to Injury

OK, spring flowers last post and this today:

More to come, I fear. The storm is not yet over. The roads are starting to get bad and it's supposed to be colder tonight, so that means ice. 

On the plus side, it's forecast to go up to about 50F tomorrow and if the sun comes out, a lot of this will melt. 

It's just kind of a sad start to the first day of Spring. Once again this seems to be the perpetual winter here in New Jersey. It just doesn't want to quit. 

I may take some more pictures later, but the snow's coming down pretty hard right now and I need to go out to feed the Boys their dinner. In the third picture you can just see their silhouettes hiding out under the run in roof. I put their winter blankets back on over their sheets to add some insulation against the snow.  Should be back to just sheets tomorrow. 

It may not look it yet, but there is definitely enough snow for plowing and shoveling. I will shovel a path to the barn on the way out. 



  1. We're getting the same here. It started about noon and should continue all night. I'd say it's about four inches now. This is ridiculous for the first day of Spring!

  2. Yuck - winter just won't let go.