Sunday, March 08, 2015

Naked Truth!

The Boys Strip: Springtease!

Finally! Temperatures reached well into the 40's today, near 50F. The sun was warm, so at about 3 PM DST--the clocks changed early this morning--I took the blankets off the Boys to let them soak up some sun.

Not much action, but I was glad to see that with the sun shining on him so I could get a good look, Toby has gained some weight over the winter. He was bit lean going into the season, as much as I was trying to bulk him up. He has Cushings and, at 25 is not the muscular young fellow he used to be. I've been monitoring his weight all winter, but until I got to see him outdoors in the sunshine, I did not appreciate the improvement.
Now, if I can just plow the snow from the area where Scott, my shoer, needs to park, I can get hoofies done. Tucker's feet are really long. His shoes are still on, which is good, and with all that growth, he should have nice solid walls for the next trim/shoeing. The trouble, is, there is a fair patch of old snow in the area needed for parking. I think I'll try to clean it out this week as it warms up.

The challenge of keeping horses at home is neverending, and yet, at the same time delightfully rewarding. Being able to just step out of the house today to pull off those blankets was a treat.


  1. I'm happy to hear thet you had a well overdue respite from winter weather today, although it still sounds cold to me:)

  2. We were warm too. I hope this snow starts melting soon. The boys must have liked to have a little sun bathing time. They look good.