Friday, June 28, 2013

The Heat is On

Summer is Here

For sure. Hot and humid all the time, except when a storm is threatening to come on in.

It was miserable this morning when I went out to feed the Boys. I did some barn chores and was soaked with sweat. Riding was far from my mind.

I had a rehearsal for a duet I am singing at church on Sunday. That went well, and when we got back outside, there was a nice breeze and it felt as if the humidity had dropped. I went to the market to get a few things, came home and then went out on a walk.

On the way back, I saw the road department guy who uses a big cutter to trim the weeds from the shoulder of the road. My front bank was in need of weedwhacking again, and it's been so hot I just haven't managed to attack it.

Inspiration!! I got out a nice cold can of Pepsi from the fridge and went outside to flag the road guy down. He graciously mowed my bank--pretty thoroughly too. Win!

He stopped for a chat and the cold soda before going after the weeds on the other side of my driveway--another challenge for me.  We talked about his machine and in the course of the discussion he told me the guys down at the Middlesex County Road Department refer to my road as Yahooty Road. Where that came from, no one quite knows, but it's been called that for some 30 years. He thinks maybe one of the road guys passed the Jewish cemetery at the west end of the road, saw a sign reading "Degel Yahudo" which is apparently the other name of Floral Park Cemetery and not quite being able to say it, started calling the road by the cemetery's name--sort of.

You never quite know what kind of interesting information and trivia you can pick up from casual encounters.

So, now that I know I live on Yahooty Road, I will cherish the thought and share it whenever I can. Especially since my noxious weeds are mowed down and I can see to get out of the driveway on to said thoroughfare.

I've just gotten back from a 45 minute swim with two trips down the water slide and a nice bunch of tours around the Lazy River.

I might go out to lunge Tucker as I don't want to get all hot and sweaty myself, if the storms hold off. But it does look pretty threatening out there.

Guess I will just have to play it by ear...if I hear thunder, that's it.

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  1. A nice cold can of Pepsi on a miserable hot day and a win-win situation for you and the weeds. Love the name of your road now too.

    It's too darn hot to do anything with this humidity. I just brought the herd in. They were all standing at the gate giving me their saddest faces. Guess the bugs, rain and heat are really doing a job on them. They wanted their fans and a dry place to sleep I guess.