Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So, What Have I Been Doing?

Not Much, I Fear

The pool was closed Saturday due to the storms that passed through on Friday, flooding everything.

Sunday, after going to a friend's brother's viewing at a funeral home, I went to the feed store to stock up on some grain. Then, once I got home, I did get to the pool for a nice swim.

Monday, gone in a blur. Not sure if I accomplished much, but it was raining again, as I recall. Somewhere in between all that, I did some DR string trimming around where the hose is running across the lawn so I would not have to mow there with the big mower. And I did trim in several other places working for over an hour at that.

Tuesday, I went for a 40 minute walk, had a chiropractor appointment, and later on, dinner out with friends.

Today? I was thinking of mowing the lawn, but never made it. I did manage to walk around the sandpit lake again, this time with my hiking friend, Joe. All told the whole hike was nearly 3 miles and with stops to take pictures of flora a fauna, we were out for an hour and forty-five minutes. The morning was breezy cool and lovely. But by the time we got back, I was really tired so I crashed for a while. As afternoon wore on, it got hotter again, so I didn't do anything more in the way of exercise until about 8 PM when I headed out to the riding arena to poo pick.

Four full wheelbarrow loads later, I'd cleaned the arena, the arena run in shed, and the shed on the west side of the barn.

Tucker has finally lost a shoe--he was overdue for the farrier--so no riding for him. Scott called today. He's really backed up with horses needing shoeing jobs for horse shows--the season is in full swing.  Since I am not competing, I've ended up on the lower end of his crisis list. But he told me he'd be coming this week, although he may not make it until Friday.

Meantime, with heavy rain once again in the forecast, it doesn't look as if riding is likely anyhow. Chance is barefoot, of course, but his feet are pretty long too.  If I get some clear weather, I will ride him--sooner than later. I was thinking of it today, but to be honest, after that long walk, I just didn't have the muscle power left.

So, I am getting some exercise, and I did walk in the rain on Friday, but this weather is really wearing thin. I'm lucky with my property's being on high ground because flooding is becoming more and more of a problem as inches and inches of rain keep hitting us.

Storms predicted for tomorrow, so I guess I'll be mostly inside--watching the grass grow.

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  1. You still got a lot done even with this miserable weather. I'm so glad I don't live in a flood zone. Maybe next week will be better...fingers crossed for that. We are due for some dry days.