Thursday, June 27, 2013

Evening Trail

Not The Best Idea Ever

I was going to get up early to ride, but I rolled back over when I felt the humidity and heat already starting at 7 AM Tuesday morning. I'd already made plans for dinner and I had a chiropractor appointment in the early afternoon, so the day was basically booked otherwise.

I did go for a swim around 11, managed another good 40 minutes and got home in time to get to the chiro. (And nutritionist, by the way. I have now lost 10 pounds since starting with her. No diet, just watch what I eat and exercise regularly.)

Anyhow, after dinner out with my friends, I thought it had cooled off a bit, so I headed out to the barn.

It was Chance's turn under saddle and I had a plan to ride out to the tree farm and back.

It would have been a really nice ride but the darn flies were wide awake and hungry.  They were not horrible, but annoying enough.  I had put the good fly spray on Chance--Mosquito Halt--but some of the little buggers were unimpressed.

Since I have the Bug Armor as well as new riding flysheets, I will remember next time to dress my boy before I take him out.  He's really good about the bugs--unlike Tucker and Toby--but still, I hate having him all twitchy and unhappy.

It didn't spoil the whole ride, fortunately. Chance was a good boy, we had a nice trot, and one little scary spook near the farm equipment on the way home.

But lesson learned. If I want to ride a totally happy horse, the flysheet goes on.

I did not ride today. The heat was truly oppressive.

Since thunderstorms are in the afternoon forecasts for at least the next 10 days, I will be doing my swims in the morning/early afternoon. The pool does not open until 11AM, so no matter what, I can't avoid the burning sun. I need to remember to put on some waterproof--although they say there is no such thing--sunscreen before I head over. My face looks a little red today from my early swim.

If I don't ride, I'll need to take a walk at some point to add to the exercise routine. Otherwise, my weight will flatline.

Wish my tummy would too.

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  1. The bugs are awful. It seems they really like this weather too.

    Wow, ten pounds! Excellent!