Monday, June 24, 2013

Full Day At Follywoods

And I Wore Myself Out

I spent about two hours out in the barn in the morning, working at something the whole time. I think it was the last of the not so humid days, so I took advantage.

Before I fed the Boys, I rode Chance.

We had a really nice trail ride. Since it was around 7 AM, the flies apparently were not yet out of bed, so the woods trail out to the field was lovely and cool.  This time we headed out to the Van Dyke Farm behind the woods, went along the back of the field there--with some trotting and cantering-- and headed back along the power lines road.  This is basically a hairpin circle.

The water under the power lines has receded, making a pond of only about 25' across, but...OH MY! The deer flies and mosquitoes are thriving there. HUGE mosquitoes, too. Once Chance had waded willingly through, I let him canter on back out to the field road just to get away from the biting monsters. It was the only place on the whole ride where we got attacked. The mosquitoes were biting me right through my breeches. Savage critters.

On a whim, I decided to try the woods trail on the way home, leaving the option open to make it the short version if the flies were biting. We lucked out. Once again it was cool and shady with virtually no flies at all.
Chance is becoming a better and better trail horse. He is so much fun to ride out there I may never get him properly schooled as a dressage horse. *G*

I'm sure the deer flies will be out in force soon. It's getting humid again and certainly is hot enough for them. But I had one more day of happy riding in the forest.

Back home, I fed, and did a good bit of stall cleaning and cleaning in the run-in shed. That's the shady side of the barn and the Boys will hang out there sometimes.

I considered a walk, and changed my mind, figuring I'd get a swim in later instead.

And I did. I managed a good 40 minutes despite the threat of rain. The sky was really looking ominous as I left the pool, but all we had was a short shower. However, I think the front brought in the humidity.

Ah, well. Every day cannot have perfect weather. We just lucked out with an almost perfect week.


  1. can't beat an early morning ride....

  2. A great early morning ride. Chance is a star. It was really humid and hot here today (91). Hate those savage mosquitos