Saturday, June 29, 2013

So Far, So Good

Still Hot, But a Little Break

Woke up this morning to a potentially nice day humidity-wise. It was cool as long as the sun stayed behind the clouds. But that didn't last long.

Still, I fed the Boys and then, around 10 AM headed out to give Tucker a short workout. I figured 20 minutes would be enough for us both.

We started off with some trot, but I quickly decided to see if a canter warmup would be better. Often for a TB, with canter the more natural gait, it is a good starting point.

Canter does energize Tucker's trot--at least for a little while. He is a rather lazy boy in many ways and as I've noted before, going foward is not his forte.

The canter worked just fine, except that Tucker broke twice on the left lead. Once again, his not altogether forward and his not being really balanced--he was on a long loose rein--played into it all.  Right lead canter was much better, so I am not too worried at this point since he is not really fit.

After some trot work with circles and serpentines, we took a break and I put him into a bit of a frame on the bit to continue the exercises. Leg yields are fine and half pass to the right is again much better than to the left. So I did one nice half pass right and two half passes left.  At the canter, the left half pass was better today although not quite as deep as the right one can be. I did three left half passes at canter, mostly concentrating on keeping the gait all the way through. Not great, but not bad.

One more break during which we worked on some walk pirouettes and then back to trot to finish up with shoulder in on each rein.  Nicely done, and before I knew it, a half-hour had gone by and, although we were both hot and sweaty, we were not over heated. Guess the humidity was down a bit.

Tuck had a nice bath and I came back into the house, changed into my swimsuit and was over at the pool around noon time.

I swam for about 35 minutes, added two passes down the water slide--climb the stairs and swoosh down to swim to the steps for another 5-10 minutes. And then, for about 15 minutes or so--ever mindful of the hot sunshine--I rode the Lazy River.

Glad I went early as the pool complex is probably really crowded now. Weekends usually are.

I made some tomato,olive, feta salad, had a portion for lunch and just finished up the rest with some angel hair pasta for dinner.

My plan is to do some much needed house cleaning soon.

Soon.  Honest.



  1. Sounds like a great day! I'd save the house cleaning for a really hot, humid or rainy day.

  2. That's a good idea - to add some angel hair pasta to the salad. Although I can't eat wheat anymore I bet I can find some rice angel hair pasta.

    What a great day you had! I love both swimming and riding and might just do that tomorrow. It's always hot enough around here for swimming. Tucker did well today!