Monday, February 01, 2010

Well, That Was A Surprise

Cold Day But!

I went to the feed store to get feed, unloaded it and that was about it for horse activities. I was below freezing all day, so I figured, better warm than sorry.

Imagine my suprise when I went out to feed about an hour later (4 PM) to find that the arena footing wasn't bad at all. I managed to poo pick it, but I'd already fed the Boys so there was no thought at all of working someone.

Ah, well, another missed opportunity, but that's OK. I guess the sun is getting strong enough now to thaw my sand footing as long as the sand is relatively dry. If it's like this tomorrow, I will do something horsey before I go to the chiropractor/physical therapy in the afternoon.

If you wanted to read the snake bite story, you will find the post below.

In the meantime, wishing you the warmth of the midwinter sun. One can never underestimate its power to thaw and cheer!


  1. Cheers to you too! I already passed along the snake bite story, via a friend,to cheer the spirits of an English teacher who is working through chemo. Good story, good therapy.

  2. Glad you're thawing out, I guess we will be too. I'm not looking forward to the mud again though.Hope you get to ride tomorrow.

  3. Groundhog Day is tomorrow!!! Hopefully he will say spring is on the way! Days are in fact getting longer feeding in the dark!

  4. It's so upsetting to read about the weather is keeping everyone out of the saddle! I guess that's why Wellington comes to life in the winter- the chilly fifty degree weather must seem blissful to everyone who's used to below freezing. Good luck keeping warm!

  5. Glad you're thawing out up there! Could you send some this way?

    I'm still giggling over the snake bite story. I taught at a university for a few years, I thought I'd seen all the weirdness I could handle there. But nobody ever got snake bit!

  6. Sometimes the temperature is deceiving. Other times, not so much.

    Oh well. The horses would probably rather have food than work. ;-)

  7. i've just read the latest post from Danni in northern Scotland (aberdeen somewhere i think ) ..rode in a blizzard! mad fool...and puts the rest of us to shame...