Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Little Solar Energy

The Warm Weather Continues

The warmer temperatures are still with us, so the snow is gradually melting. When I went to feed the Boys this afternoon, my solar energy panel was lit up and showing that at least a little energy was being generated. A few of the upper panels were uncovered, and if it stays like this tomorrow, I have hopes more will be clear.

The storm that's coming may well be rain rather than snow. That has plus sides and minus sides. The rain would was away the snow, but if it's followed by cold weather, as it well might be, then we will have an ice problem in its place. Then, I read that there is another storm forming out west of us that might turn into something else to worry about.

Ah well. I had a busy day that began with cleaning the aisle of the barn after the horses had spent the night ravaging it. I had left Tucker's stall gate unlatched when I came back in after late night feed. (Speak of the devil--as I did on my blog the other day--and sure enough, he comes...this time, I mentioned the mistake of leaving the aisle gate open and sure enough, that's exactly what I did.

I don't think Chance was involved too much in the raid as the blankets were not strewn all over the place. The few flakes of hay I'd left there were gone and there were several piles of manure tramples into the loose hay. The garbage can was overturned and trash was scattered all about.

I took the coil hose out, hooked it up to the spigot and let it fill the outside water tub while I swept and cleaned. It was a good workout for my morning exercise. I'm so glad I'd not brought the new bales of hay I'd carted over in the aisle, but instead left them on the cart outside the tack room door. Now that would have been a mess more than I could handle.

That done, I came back inside and in a little while, my good friend Shelley arrived. She is working on her doctoral thesis, and I am proofreading it with her. It was a long, exhausting late morning/afternoon in front of the computer, but we had a good time with lots of interesting discussions about the state of education in the US today. Shelley and I see eye to eye on many educational concepts and also agree about what is wrong in US schools, so talking about the concepts of her thesis was really fun.

Then, I attended a late afternoon/early evening jewelry party at another friend's house. I did end up buying something for myself, even though I really do not need any jewelry at all, but sometimes...well, you know how it goes.

Right now I am hoping I doubled checked the Boy's stall gates when I fed them dinner earlier. The last thing I need is to go out later tonight to find another mess to clean up.

Sometimes horses are worse than teenagers. *G*


  1. That was quite a full and rewarding day.

  2. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Very busy you are - we're getting snow tomorrow night into Monday - I expect it'll be heading your way soon!

  3. oh, gawd, i can imagine what destruction our Dudley would do if he got loose in a barn!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond